My LiverBird is a football blog which is solely dedicated to Liverpool F.C and its supporters but at the same time it will feature other top clubs of the Premier League.
Premier League is highly captivating and a nail biting league with upsets always around the corner. It is the biggest football league in the world and is always unpredictable.

The primary focus is to put views, opinions, analysis and speculation for the supporters to read and understand also allowing them to take part in the discussions of the clubs and their matches.
Premier League clubs with interesting scenarios will be featured with major talking point on this blog about their campaign in European football as well as in domestic competition.

My LiverBird is not an official representative of any of the clubs of the Premier League and is formulated to put the love and understanding of the game on to the screen for fellow football lovers and followers.
Every club in the premier league is to be respected with trolling and banter a part of it.
My LiverBird will always be unbiased in their opinions and will never look to undermine and discredit the teams and their supporters where credit is due, regardless of the bitter rivalries.
Nothing in the content/article will ever be offensive but will and may have respectful banter.

My LiverBird hopes to become the best football blog for Liverpool F.C as well as for other clubs of the Premier League. It is the path chosen to seek and do better along with the supporters of Liverpool F.C, just like My LiverBird as well as supporters and lovers of not only football but the Premier League, itself.

Walk On, Walk On,
With Hopes in Your Hearts,
And You’ll Never Walk Alone.