Adam Lallana was once Klopp’s engine to his system.
That was the time when Lallana was hitting his stride all for the better, a player at his peak.
It was probably the Adam Lallana we wanted to see, the one who Captained Southampton and performed exceptionally.
But it wasn’t under Rodgers but Jurgen Klopp.
Adam Lallana joined Liverpool in 2014 for £25 million, primarily an attacking midfielder.
He made 175 appearances for the reds scoring 22 goals.
But it was under Klopp he got his 127 appearances out of 175.
Jurgen Klopp turned Adam Lallana into a central midfielder because of his abilities with the ball and nimble feet.
His short passing & one-twos were always good & under Klopp he posed a threat in the opponent’s final third.
Lallana quickly became Klopp’s go to man & he was the trigger for Klopp’s gegenpressing.

As a result he scored 8 goals in 2016/2017 season, a successful campaign not only for him but for Liverpool too.
Liverpool secured champions league qualification back then.
Adam Lallana was probably the best English midfielder back then & he won England’s Player of the Year award.
He was gathering all sorts of attention so much so, that “high splashing the cash P.S.G” were in after him.

Sadly, that was it, the peak of his career because after that it all turned tragic.
Hampered by back to back injuries such as hamstring, calf, groin & thigh problems plagued his career & made him stay on sidelines way longer than anyone could have ever speculated.

Lallana just couldn’t get a break from injuries and he suffered a lot.
He was only able to make 9 appearances in 2017/18 & 2018/19 seasons.
The team continued to get better & evolve.
Additions of quality in every department increased and Lallana couldn’t get back due to his injuries.
Even though currently he’s going through a renaissance featuring in games as a squad player, he knows he can’t be a regular because there’s no space for him.

Credit to him for being an exceptional team player & his dedication to do good for the team.
He has featured in cup games or as a sub, in fact it was his goal which earned Liverpool a draw against Manchester United earlier this season.
Melissa Reddy confimed couple of weeks ago about Adam Lallana leaving at the end of the season when his contract runs out.
And this was further confirmed by Liverpool. 
Lallana’s contract will not be extended.

It is for the better, he can get into a regular spot in another team rather than as a bench player, he deserves it.
Rumours & Speculation about Arsenal, Spurs & Leicester wanting his signature.
It’s unlucky & tragic but that’s what life is.
A influential figure in Klopp’s revolution in English football who was the first to dig in deep in the gaffer’s philosophy.
It will be good to see him leave us with a Premier League medal, as a Champion.
From me & many LFC supporters we can only thank him for his services for us & the joy he gave us by giving his all.
We wish him the best & he’ll always be a part of LFC family!