Now, I know the title of my piece may sound rude to many but that is the truth & I cannot change it, it’s a simple fact.
Anfield, last night was at its best & so were Jurgen Klopp’s men. I’ve never seen the boys play the game like they played last night, the levels of intensity & pressing for the whole of 90 minutes and even in the extra-time till Firmino’s goal which was enough for Liverpool to qualify to the quarters of the champions league.
There’s also an opinion about Liverpool missing their chances but many are forgetting Oblak is one of those keepers who never lets goals in & last night he proved it big time. Considering that, we scored against him, twice.
It wasn’t Atletico outclassing Liverpool neither was Simeone outwitting Klopp, Kopp & Liverpool completely ruined Atletico & for a team like Atletico who are known & drilled to be defensive, didn’t know what to do, they were completely utterly boxed in & battered in every way, a huge applause for the lads in red who gave their all, who were on it from the first minute and didn’t stop for even a breather, not for themselves and not at all for Atletico Madrid.
Only one man crashed all of the efforts last night & it was Adrian.
My huge respect and appreciation for Oblak of Atletico, he showed why he’s a beast & one of the best in the world, he single-handed kept Atletico in the game, whereas Adrian, showed why he was let go by West Ham & why he’s average at best. Adrian, single-handed turned the tie around by conceding 3 goals, all of them were actually save-able, had he put in an effort to actually save them.

I’m hurt but I don’t agree with many of the supporters abusing Adrian, that’s not criticism, besides he did what he could within his capability which is average.
Last night, we missed Alisson, more than ever, it clearly shows us why Alisson is world’s best, a match winner & someone we cannot be in the game without.
It is a good lesson for our transfer committee to know that we need more quality in such places, if we are to maintain our levels & continue fighting for trophies in different competitions, especially in competitions like Champions League.
Adrian has plenty of errors in his game but last night it was vital for him to keep himself in the game & he didn’t do that, in anyway.
He, not only let himself down, but primarily let the whole 10 teammates of his down, who played an excellent game with such levels of pressing & intensity, putting their bodies on the line.
Everything shattered last night, Anfield didn’t remain a fortress & it became a heartbreak.
Anfield is known for its European Nights & those who aren’t even good in the red jersey turn up in those nights, but Adrian didn’t at all.
I thought we were past the debacles of Karius & Mignolet but it still lives on in Adrian, in fact, Adrian pulled off the combination of the both of them.

Now, let’s look & take into account on why do I sound so rude on Adrian- even though I’m just stating facts, whereas many Spanish outlets have not even rated Adrian for his performance at all, leaving it blank because they didn’t even consider giving him even 1/10.
There are a lot of people saying many of the world’s best sweeper keeper miss-kick the back-pass just like Adrian did in Atletico’s first goal, I agree, we’ve seen Neuer, Ederson, Alisson, Oblak, etc miss kicking the ball landing into the opponent’s feet in their own half, but I’m more inclined towards what happened next.
If you all look closely & analyze yourself, when the ball landed into the feet of the Atletico player, what was Adrian’s position?
He was still way out of his goal & on top of that he negated any possibilities of a shot to be taken, forgetting it’s a possibility that he’s way far out of his goal.
Llorente took the shot, which wasn’t a blinder, and what did Adrian do?
Wrong positioning, zero anticipation, laziness, slow reflexes & a dive with no stretch & effort, it had goal written on it, it wouldn’t have been a goal, if he had misplaced his shot or made a pass, otherwise it had a goal written on it.

Now, let’s come to the second goal, Llorente’s shot, almost ditto to the first, same corner & Adrian was anticipating a shot in the same corner & had positioned himself near to the right post of his goal, and what happened?
The ball went in, in the same corner where Adrian was expecting.
What effort was there by him? The proper stretching dive? The reflexes?
There was none, I’ll ask you all to go check & tell me if these shots weren’t save-able.
They absolutely were, any decent keeper would have saved them.
I won’t even get into the third, that is also there for all of you to see.

But I would tell you one thing, in all three goals, look at his facial expressions, those expressions state, he knew he sank the team & fluffed it all, he made huge errors in all 3 shots he received & should have not been goals, if he had put in an effort.
I watch players closely, and I know his facial expressions like this are the ones which he makes when he makes a mistake & the goal is conceded.

I’m sorry, I won’t live or write in denial but it is what it is, I cannot deny what happened & I cannot let go what was there to be seen.

With that being said, I’ll take this defeat on the chin just like all of the supporters & I do wish Adrian the best but it’s a big lesson for us for the future to stop gambling on 50/50’s even on backup players, just because we have a world class one at hand.

On the bright side, we are going to be the league champions after 30 years, which is extremely monumental in its own manner.
And I, among many are extremely proud of Jurgen Klopp & the lads for giving their all, I firmly believe in my gaffer when he talked about coming back stronger.
Jurgen Klopp is a man of actions, everything he missed out on, he came back to take it.
Missed out on the league last year in 2019, winning it this year in 2020.
Missed out on the Champions League final in 2018, won it last year in 2019.

So, when he says we will come back, WE DEFINITELY WILL COME BACK BETTER.
Once again, I emphasize, Klopp got us here by learning from our mistakes & rectifying them.
Last night’s loss was the first time in 3 seasons where we lost under him in a European competition knock out stage, otherwise we had never lost 2 legged tie under him reaching 3 finals, winning one.
2 finals which we lost, we weren’t good. Last night’s loss is a big learning curve for the direction we are in, to maintain our stronghold & keep moving forward, picking up trophies.
So, have faith & let’s keep going because the journey has just started & there’s plenty to achieve.