Trent Alexander-Arnold & Andrew Robertson, the fullbacks who put world’s deadliest forwards to shame.
Defenders who make classic no.10’s, average.
Alexander-Arnold & Robertson are easily the best fullbacks in the world who not only keep clean sheets but record assists for fun.
In the current campaign of 2019-20, Alexander-Arnold has 8 assists, 4 less than the actual play-maker De Bruyne in the league sitting second with Robertson on 6 assists.

Putting no.10’s to shame..

It is no joke when it is said that for the duo.
It is absolutely true if you look at their stats keeping in mind that these two are RB and a LB.
Alexander-Arnold & Robertson actually are defenders and not midfielders or forwards.
Their job is to defend primarily but these two; defend, create, assist and pop in a few.

Last season, Alexander-Arnold recorded 12 Assists in the premier league earning him the world record from Guiness World Records.
Robertson recorded 11 Assists, missing out just by 1.
To put it into perspective, since 2019 these two have 20 & 17 assists to their name.
Alexander-Arnold & Robertson have 37 assists between them since the start of last season 2018-2019.

And we are still in January of this season!

Alexander-Arnold & Robertson are the real threat from Liverpool going forward and scoring.
Every team in the premier league, looks to try to stop them.
Yes, I know, I get it.
Liverpool’s front three is one of the best front 3 in the world, they score, create, assist each other more often than not, but the burden for them has been lifted.
The system Klopp has developed with the fullbacks is nothing but exceptional providing a more potent and deadly approach with opposing teams battling on two fronts, where only one is possible; trying to stop the fullbacks or managing to hold out the clever front 3.

Klopp completely changed the dynamics of his system, he developed Alexander-Arnold & Robertson into what we see today.
He focused on their strengths as well as weaknesses, and established drills and training regimes accordingly.
The system completely drives with them involved.
Their fitness is immense considering the work rate these two put, game in game out.

Alexander-Arnold & Robertson, Dynamic duo..

When I call these two a dynamic duo, I really stand by it.
Normally we talk about dynamic duo’s in football as mostly partnership of strikers or a midfielder and a striker such as; Del Piero-Trezeguet, Gerrard-Torres, Ronaldo-Rooney, Suarez-Messi, Rush-Dalglish, Ronaldo-Rivaldo, Ronaldinho-Eto, etc.
But this, in every way is entirely different.
I have never seen two fullback on their flanks switching the ball across the field to each other.
Swapping positions while hitting the counter attack and staying that way until they can switch back.
There’s no frantic-ness of getting back to their respective positions.

Both of them have talked about their switch of play to each other, practicing in the training ground because it helps them catch teams off guard.
The long diagonals to the forwards on the wings or midfielders making the run, it’s extra-ordinary to execute considering the type of balls only finest midfielders execute.
Mostly frequently, we see midfielders pinging such balls and not fullbacks.
Klopp’s system is made up that way, his fullbacks are trained & developed for that.

Alexander-Arnold & Robertson are able to execute such display mainly because of the system deployed as well as the players around them, specially the midfielders who cover them immensely all over the ground.
They are normally playing on the half-line with the front 3 completely narrow.

Alexander-Arnold has the right foot of a world class midfielder with the way he passes and takes shot.
Robertson crosses the running the ball with an ease of a ballet dancer performing.

Another perspective to look into; these two roughly cost Liverpool about £8m-£8.5m which is actually Robertson’s price tag at that time.
He was signed from the relegated Hull City where as Alexander-Arnold was for free, scouser from the academy.

World’s Best..

Alexander-Arnold & Robertson still have a lot of age on their side and they still have a long way to go.
They have made themselves probably the best fullbacks in the world right now.
They feature in the world’s most expensive defenders line-up.
Their stats prove it, offensively and defensively.

Even though it is true that Alexander-Arnold is a bit weak when it comes to defending compared to Robertson who is a much more balanced fullback, there’s no denying the qualities possessed by them.
They do what they do because of the system they play in and the cover provided to them.
They have been given the license to have a go, game in game out.

Both these fullbacks keep on developing with Alexander-Arnold having much more time in his side.
Could easily fit in any team’s midfield with the way he plays.
Robertson is a proper no shit taking defender, would give you an utter “shithousery” if you mess with him or his fellas!

Everybody is always in awe of them and loves them.
Mourinho, come this Saturday (tomorrow), highly impressed by them would have probably put on enough work to stop them.

Nullifying them is nullifying Liverpool’s threat in attack.

Absolute gents and quality lads!
It is a pleasure watching them.
Tomorrow would be interesting.