The icons of football who we love may not be doing their footballing tricks on the field in a game but they’re still doing their best to be there for us. The football leagues are suspended all over the world, in fact everything is suspended because of the CONVID and players are also isolated in their homes just like me & everyone else, but these guys are still putting smile onto the faces of the supporters by sharing videos of doing chores and having fun, be that challenging their pals.
From James Milner gardening or picking up his playing XI with household objects to Ox dancing with his girlfriend or Firmino playing the piano with his family. One man has been busy training on-field & off-field working with WHO & FIFA on a CONVID campaign; he is none other than our very own Alisson Becker, the WALL of Liverpool.

CONVID has turned the whole world upside down & the whole world is under quarantine, safety measures are taken with cities- countries on lock downs in order to contain the virus with medical companies formulating an antidote.
All of our daily lives are completely disrupted but we stand united against these difficult times, where a lot of people have lost their loved ones & many gave up their own lives to save others.
Their lives & sacrifices will never be in vain as well as for the doctors, nurses- the whole medical staff working days & nights, regularly to help.

Every one of these people are the true heroes! There are also people sitting from their homes making funny videos, sharing positivity and happiness among everyone.

Alisson Becker & his work-ethic makes him World Class..

The isolation for Alisson, is somewhat different to others, when he’s at home he’s working on the CONVID campaign, releasing awareness videos and spreading the message to stay safe- stay home but at the same time he is working on his fitness.
Alisson, recently talked about his hip injury and told that his isolation is a bit different from his teammates because of his injury and it needs to be taken care of even if it isn’t a serious one.
He spoke about rehabilitation and going to the training ground with the utmost necessary precautions taken not only by himself but also by the club, in terms of hand hygiene, no touching of the face, mouth, nose, eyes, etc.
Alisson further talked about his continuous contacts have been the physio & goalkeeping coach, and that his routine is very well defined where he leaves the house for the training ground- trains, gets his treatment, comes home and stays home.

World Class for a reason..

Alisson for Liverpool has been monumental just like Van Dijk, the impact these two had made the reds unbeatable and the deadliest in Europe, we were always great when it comes to attack but too weak when it came to defense.
Alisson, without a shadow of a doubt is a match winner, he has lifted MOTM awards & has singlehanded won Liverpool games.
The premier league stats of his are better than every other keeper.
Alisson won golden glove in his debut season– followed by another in Copa America & Champions League, also the winner of the first ever Yashin Trophy along with Brazil’s Samba Gold (first ever goal keeper to win it).

He was arguably the reason why Liverpool became Champions of Europe for the sixth time in 2019 due to his last minute save from Milick at Anfield and further on in the final as well.
He didn’t just stop there, even in this campaign where Liverpool is running away with the league and will be Champions of England for the 19th time, he suffered an injury and missed out on 9-10 games in the start of the 19-20 campaign and still managed to have 10 clean sheets.

Alisson is a keeper with excellent anticipation and reading of the game & the ball, quick on his feet, commander of the box, brilliant reflexes & vision, he has that ability to make difficult opportunities by opposition look so easy because of his positioning, an intelligent keeper. There’s absolutely no denying as to why he was called the “Messi of Goal Keepers”.

Alisson has become irreplaceable for Liverpool, it is a fact & we all know that, the number of times he has rescued Liverpool is too many, the points he has won are too many, and what we feared the most happened at the most crucial of times.
Liverpool were already in a slum in the beginning of the March, and Alisson at this time picked up a hip injury in training, and the debacle started to unfold with Adrian, a blunder and a loss against Chelsea in the FA Cup was followed by a disaster-class at Anfield by Adrian against Atletico– singlehanded knocked out Liverpool from the champions league.
I mean, it just shows the level Alisson is at & why he is WORLD CLASS & how badly we missed him that we went out of 2 competitions without him, especially in the Champions League.
By the time, the league continues on, hopefully Alisson will be in the best of shapes & with what unfolded in his absence showed us that we need more quality in our squad, especially a new backup keeper.