Alisson Becker is world’s best goalkeeper right now.
He is the no.1 ranked goalkeeper & his stats prove that.
Since his debut season in 2019, he recorded 21 clean sheets in the premier league.
Secured a Golden Glove in the league followed by another Golden Glove in Copa America for Brazil.
He also became the best goalkeeper of the Champions League with most clean sheets.
It was for Alisson that made Liverpool progress further from the group stage in Champions League last season.
A do or die game against Napoli, a draw would have made Liverpool go home.
Liverpool were leading in the 90+ minutes by a goal where Milick’s close range shot was met with Alisson who secured the win with Liverpool going all the way to lifting their 6th Champions League.
He came up goods in the Final too making crucial saves allowing Liverpool to win.

Another point to look at is the fact that he’s Brazil’s no. 1 over Ederson.
Now Ederson himself is World Class and we all know how good he is but Alisson is still above him.
Just look at his honors specially in 2019:

The Best FIFA Goalkeeper2019

FIFA FIFPro World112019

UEFA Champions League Squad of the Season: 2017–182018–19

UEFA Champions League Goalkeeper of the Season2018–19

Serie A Goalkeeper of the Year2017–18

Serie A Team of the Year2017–18

Premier League Golden Glove2018–19

Goal 50 World’s Best Goalkeeper: 2018, 2019

Globe Soccer Awards Best Goalkeeper of the Year: 2018, 2019

Copa América Golden Glove: 2019

Copa América Team of the Tournament: 2019

IFFHS World’s Best Goalkeeper: 2019

IFFHS Men’s World Team: 2019

Yashin Trophy2019

Ballon d’Or: 2019 (7th place)

Samba Gold: 2019

UEFA Team of the Year2019

Alisson is the first ever holder of the Yashin Trophy & first ever goalkeeper to win the Brazilian Samba Gold.

Alisson Becker to Liverpool..

After the debacle of 2018 in the Champions League Final, Liverpool were in for a keeper.
Liverpool after Pepe Reina never really had a proper goalkeeper.
Forget world class not even a good goalkeeper, even the defense was sorted after the acquisition of Virgil Van Dijk, the keeper was still the biggest issue.
Loris Karius bought from Mainz was young had potential but never really got going.
Mignolet himself was a disaster-piece. He costed Liverpool more points than saved them.
Both the keepers were too error prone, more than usual & even though they were at times good shot stoppers.
They were poor in anticipation, agility & lacked overall command in their area.
Some of the mistakes they made were too childish.

Jurgen Klopp & Liverpool had Alisson in their sights & they went on their way to securing him for, the then world record fee of £56m.
There was a lot of talk for paying this much for a keeper, but Liverpool were having none of it.
They were adamant, he was their man.
His performances in Roma & stats overall in Europe made him & Oblak the best.
Alisson fit Liverpool’s profile perfectly, Klopp wanted a sweeper-keeper who was really good with his feet & distribution, someone who could build from the back & provide quick counter-attacking distributions.
And at the same time a proper shot stopper.

Alisson Becker’s huge impact on Liverpool..

He was dubbed as the “Messi of Goalkeepers”, well rightly so.
An ideal fit for Klopp’s system.
His first ever interview for Liverpool showed his confidence in his abilities & that he meant business!
Liverpool supporters saw a glimpse of his trickery against West Ham where he did a skill move of looping the ball over the pressing individual onto his feet.
Liverpool supporters were living in fears after the two previous goalkeepers making errors on back-passes.
So it was always nervy for us, but that skill move even though scared us, showed us who he was.
He did commit a mistake leading to a goal in a game which Liverpool did win but told the supporters not to worry about it because at times it can happen because of his playing style.
And that is how he plays.

There’s no denying everybody makes mistakes & no one is perfect but those who learn & improve become the best.
Alisson then went on & didn’t look back.
His distribution is second to none in the league, he records assist, builds up quick transition & his impact can be seen on Liverpool.
Alisson & VVD have had an equal impact on Liverpool.
There’s calmness & composure in defense.
The back four knows they can rely on each other & have faith in each other.

Alisson has given them the confidence, because it is rare anyone passes by VVD but when they do they meet Alisson only to fail.
I’ve mentioned what he has achieved so far, just shows.
He has helped Liverpool win games, saved Liverpool from dropping points, single handed.

A match winner, who has won MOTM too for Liverpool.

We as supporters are always amazed with him with what he does every time he steps in.
His movement, anticipation, agility, diving technique is phenomenal.
Alisson commands his box well, he is a leader you won’t see him missing a punch or a catch, his recovery is outstanding.
An excellent reader of the ball in his box, he makes difficult shots look so easy that he catches them.
Literally catches them.

He is never a risk taker when taking on a shot & if he feels it’s better to parry it away, he does it exceptionally well.
Either for a corner or away from the opposition players.
Indeed a WALL.

Liverpool has a wall behind wall in Van Dijk & Alisson!

In the current season..

Alison in the current season once again has proved himself as the best.
He continues on to get better & better.
The fact that even though in most of the games he barely has to do anything, when comes a big occasion or a big save to keep Liverpool in the game, he comes solid, always.
In do or die games, he always come up with big saves.

His overall record in the premier league; 50 games – 30 clean sheets – One Assist.

Right now during this season;

Alisson Becker – 244 min per goal conceded

Games: 17
Clean sheets: 11
Clean sheet ratio: 64.7%
Goals conceded: 6
Goals conceded per match: 0.35

He has played 8 games less than every other premier league keeper.
Earlier at start of the season he suffered a calf injury which sidelined him for 2 months missing some crucial fixtures.
Adrian did exceptionally well but Alisson is Alisson.
Ever since he came back, the clean sheets are flowing like a river stream.

Alisson once again is on the verge of keeping & retaining his accolades at the end of this season.
He has already won Champions League, Club World Cup, on way to the premier league title, most clean sheets in the bag & counting.
Champions League still to play for & so is FA Cup now.

Already in his 2nd season at Liverpool he has become a hero, and a legendary status awaits, almost.
He without any argument is as popular as any forward player.
This is a rarity for goalkeepers unless you are Neuer but Neuer has faded off a bit because of his age & injury.
Still a great keeper though.
Buffon is legendary but his popularity is of a different kind.
What a player & Buffon’s favourite, he put him in his top 3 last year!

World’s Best Goalkeeper, World Class ALISSON BECKER, Liverpool’s AB1!