In the Premier League, you never know, what to expect even when you expect something to happen. This is the beauty of this league, hardest, gruesome, intense & very unpredictable.
Only the reds have been been at a different realm.
Teams in the bottom half can still pack a punch to the ones flying high.
We saw it last week when West Ham almost broke Liverpool’s win streak, that too at Anfield.

This was the case with Norwich as well, who pushed Liverpool all the way only to lose by a goal. Know that, Norwich has been the poorest side in the premier league sitting 20th, till now & they just defeated Leicester.

Liverpool, is a special team, we all know that, which is why they somehow always come out top, be that by grinding a result or just turning up- adrenaline rush in dying moments to get the win.

Tonight, the reds have another tough one at hand, Watford at Vicarage Road. There is no denying Watford is in the bottom, sitting 19th with 24 points tied with West Ham yet we can’t take anything away from them.
They want anything they can get to survive, and knowing the best is in their town, they will be hungry to achieve something which no one has all season long.
I mean, Watford has nothing to lose considering, they face the reds tonight but that’s because reds from Merseyside are already Champions elect, best in the land & the world yet if it were any other team, Watford has a lot to lose.

A small overview to what Liverpool face at Vicarage Road

Jurgen Klopp talked ahead of the game & for him it has always been a step by step process, a game by game approach.
Same is the case for men in red. Football is all about understanding & not under-estimating your opponents, no matter how poor have they been. One spark in the game can turn it all around.

James Milner, Xherdan Shaqiri & Henderson, all three of them will not be available, however Liverpool will have a lot of options just like in the last game against West Ham.

Watford is a pretty tough team, no team enjoys playing against them when they are on a full tilt.
They are a physical side with pace upfront, Decoure & Capoue are the engines which drives them in the midfield & they rely heavily on their star players in Deulofeu & Sarr with Deeney up top.
Ben Foster in goal is another asset, they possess.

The problem has been for them this season, instability & inconsistency with the previous manager & then the switch to Nigel Pearson, who brought some fire to Watford and enjoyed some good wins against Manchester United & Wolves but then consecutive losses turned it around for them in a bad way.
They were good at Anfield despite losing 2-0 in Pearson’s 1st match in-charge.

Watford will look to counter the reds by setting up a low block, that we all know, but they are capable of good counter-attacking transitions because they have good wingers and a physical striker up top who can hold the ball.
A 4-3-3 fluid formation to 4-5-1, surely by Nigel Pearson, and I don’t see a back 3 from him in this game.

Watford wants points, they are at home & they want to prove that they can still battle it out, ruining the reds party will be a trophy in itself.
A team that has been breaking records, making records & is undefeated for more than a year.

Reds charge to nineteenth- line up & verdict

This time of the season is the moment where everyone is fighting harder than ever, especially the teams in the bottom, Jurgen Klopp & his redmen know they have to be in the game 100% without slacking off.
The reds brigade is in the charge for their nineteenth title and are 4 wins away from it, a win tonight will make it, 3 wins remaining.
The reds from Merseyside in this game, need to be at their best, it’s a game where the quick passing &  transitions will be very important because low block teams settle well & don’t lose their shape unless you disrupt them with quick tempo.
Liverpool, have had that ability to conserve & give out short bursts of intensity which prevails them to wins, that has been the key.

I see the same line-up to be deployed just like the one against West Ham but this time, I think it will be Ox in the midfield with Fabinho & Gini instead of Keita, who I believe should be brought in the second half.

Defense: Alisson; TAA, Gomez, Van Dijk, Robbo.
Midfield: Fabinho, Gini, Ox
Forward: Mane, Firmino, Salah

A 4-3-3 which could turn to 4-5-1 depending upon the nature of the game, if you have read my previous articles, I’ve explained about it in detail.

The reds know the importance of the win & they also know it will be a battle, a really tough one, but they have that mental strength which no team currently possess.

Trust me, if we turn up with full blitz, Watford will get the beating but as things are I predict a 3-1 win for us.
I think, we will score 2 goals on counter.