Bournemouth at Anfield may just be the key for the reds.
Liverpool haven’t enjoyed these couple of weeks, 3 consecutive defeats all of a sudden has shocked everyone, recent one against Chelsea in FA Cup which knocked them out of it.
The reds are in a rare slump but still they sit as Champions elect with 22 points ahead at the top of the table in the league, having lost just one game against Watford, last week.

The reds may have lost the streak of a remarkable run of 44 games but Anfield still remains the fortress, 54 games unbeaten, approximately.
And this game may just be the trigger the reds need to bounce & strike back at Anfield, Bournemouth sit at the bottom, struggling, however they are fighting relegation & teams fighting relegation can come out unpredictable, a draw against Chelsea last week was a major confidence boost for the cherries. Bournemouth can draw confidence from their earlier wins against Manchester United & Chelsea with Liverpool’s invincibility completely shattered, overall.
They’d want to get anything they can get considering how tough this match is going to be along with their record against Liverpool being extremely poor.
Reds, need that one game to get them sorted, this is that game, I believe. Especially at Anfield, with Atletico coming in to Anfield in a very crucial match in the midweek in the Champions League.
It really, actually is the time to get it together, Klopp & his men, know that more than all of us.

Anfield’s influence for the reds & an injury set-back & predicted lineup..

At such a crucial time, you’d expect things to just fit for us, but that’s not the case, Alisson has suffered a hip injury which rules him out for tomorrow’s clash with Bournemouth & possibly till next week, confirmed by Jurgen Klopp.
It means, he will not be available against Atletico in a do or die match at Anfield, midweek.
Adrian is to take his place in these matches, and with the howler he made against Chelsea, I hope he steps up big, when it is needed the most.
This has gotten the reds supporters to be really nervy, at a time like this when things are not going well for Liverpool.

The key to everything right now is, Anfield & the magic it perpetuates.
Reds need it more than ever now, they cannot seem to be finding their momentum & footing, the right rhythm & Anfield is the answer, this match tomorrow could just be the answer, it should be.
Jurgen Klopp talked about Anfield’s influence, harnessing its power to get back to their ways & further on explained how reds are working towards setting their mind-set up to regain their mojo.
Klopp also expressed his gratitude towards the supporters pushing & backing the team through & throughout during the little turbulent time for which he hinted to be sorry, somewhat.

With Alisson out, Adrian is to keep his place after the Chelsea’s game and we will see the return of TAA in the right back position.
Gini, Salah & Firmino are to slot in back as starters tomorrow.
I don’t think Klopp would opt to start Milner or Lallana tomorrow & we could see Ox pushing in to start in the midfield.
Keita, if fit could get the start but I don’t think Klopp would imminently start him.
The team, overall has to step it up, because against Chelsea, everybody was absolutely outfoxed & were napping.
Fabinho, probably had his worst game in the red shirt ever since becoming the anchor of Liverpool’s midfield.
The whole team needs to have their mojo back, the defense has been nervy & the front 3 have been jaded.

Defense: Adrian; TAA, Gomez, Van Dijk, Robertson.
Midfield: Fabinho, Gini, Ox.
Attack: Salah, Firmino, Mane.

A midfield with Milner or Lallana with Gini, Fabinho may just become too static against a Bournemouth side, who will definitely sit deep and set up a low block, playing long balls & counter.

Well, to put it to a close, Anfield will be Anfield, like always & knowing that the team needs it more than ever, it will be buzzing, with Atletico around the corner & talking about Anfield isn’t a bother, it just gets a bit more pumping for the reds supporters.

Jurgen Klopp & his men know well enough to feed off of Anfield, which is why at Anfield they’re super humans.
I don’t think, this is an easy game & Bournemouth are going to give trouble to Liverpool, with most of my predictions recently themselves, have been poorest than ever, I’m going to go with a 2-1 LFC win.
I’m definitely not sticking to a thumping with the way things have been with our defense & with Alisson out, I can see Bournemouth getting one.