So, the blues of London; Chelsea, welcomed 5 times winner, Bayern Munich to their home at Stamford Bridge for the 1st leg of the Champions League knock out stage.

Bayern, obviously were the favorites for the game & overall tie but what actually unfolded was annihilation, 3-0 may not fall in the category of “annihilation” in the eyes of many, but if you look at the game, the way Chelsea was ripped to shreds, only luck kept the scored down.
Utter difference in class, quality, dominance & desire.

Bayern, probably have wrapped up the tie with 3 away goals & I really don’t see any sort of comeback from Chelsea in the 2nd leg at Allianz Arena.
It isn’t like it is impossible, but the way this Chelsea is, I only see the aggregate score-line increasing.

Extreme lack of quality & no fight..

I watched the game & I began to see a lot of things going on with Chelsea, the blues lacked that hunger & fire, I mean the passion that should be there, especially in such a big game against a top side in the knock out stage of Champions League.
There was no belief in Chelsea, that too at Stamford Bridge.

The game also clearly showed the vast difference in quality possessed by Chelsea & Bayern.
The first half, when it comes to Chelsea, was an alright one. They didn’t concede even when Muller hit the post & overall Caballero kept them in the game.
Chelsea did have chances but they weren’t really that threatening, also they were quite few or very un-troubling compared to those by Bayern.
It was surprising to see, the game went 0-0 at half time.
But it was set, Chelsea couldn’t have asked for more & to come in strong in the second half.

Lampard opted for a 3-4-3 to keep up with Bayern’s 4-2-3-1 narrow (4-5-1), mainly to nullify their pace from the wings & to give his team that width to stretch Bayern and also allow them to counter.
3-4-3 fluid formation by Chelsea to have bodies set-up a deep & enough block to repel Bayern’s counter & attack to set-up their own counter.

However, it failed miserably. Chelsea’s back-line was ripped to shreds by the quick one-two’s on the wings by Gnabry & Coman. The combinations made by Lewandowski or Muller with Gnabry were the downfall for Chelsea, especially in the second half.
Bayern Munich switched the gears to maximum and reigned over Stamford Bridge,
The control, the dominance was outstanding. Chelsea were outclassed & outplayed.

Chelsea’s midfield was nowhere to be seen, completely invisible, I don’t know what was it there for even.
Look at the highlights, if you didn’t watch the game. You’ll know what I’m talking about.
No tracking back, no fight to retain the ball and completely casual.
Muller, last night looked like the Muller of the old, he was everywhere & literally was having fun with Chelsea.
Tiago is extremely underrated, what a midfielder.

Chelsea conceded 2 back to back goals in the space of 5 minutes.
Where was the composure? The presence of mind? The fight to give all?
There was nothing there.

Things further got worst when Marcus Alonso was red carded for his knock on Lewandowski, the game was already done before it but that was another example of how much Chelsea players have lost the plot.

What’s there for Chelsea now?

We are in the closing stages of the season, and now Lampard needs to focus on securing the champions league spot, for good.
They need an overhaul in the squad & now more than ever after last night’s horror show, Hakim Ziyech’s acquisition just shows they need quality.
Some of the players need to be sold, they need a complete change in the squad.
Before, I had a little faith in the midfield of Chelsea but now I really don’t think they are cut out to do the job.
They need changes in every department, starting off from the goalkeeper in Kepa.
A striker, a midfielder, a proper set of back four (regulars).

I never really understood, Jorginho & what he brings to the game, last night it was completely confirmed.
The youngsters Chelsea has, are good but they’re not starters. The options on the bench are way beyond their best.
It’s a squad which is confusing.
Chelsea supporters shouldn’t blame Lampard, he’s done really well considering his options & the crop of players he’s had.
I’ve been saying that this is Chelsea’s transition period but I think the transition period, an actual one, would start from next season.
This is so, when he brings in the players that actually fit his system, it is more than necessary, it is a dire need for Chelsea.
I’m sure they have their prospects lined up and they have the financial prowess to sign players, they will, definitely.
For the time being, Champions league qualification should be the utmost priority.

Lampard, should be given more time and he needs continued support from the Chelsea faithful.