Christian Eriksen had his mind set on leaving Tottenham Hotspurs since the start of the current season.
The board of Spurs, however didn’t allow it and he was made to stay.
Even after Pochettino was sacked & Mourinho came in, Eriksen’s mind didn’t adhere from wanting to leave.
The Danish play-maker signed for Spurs back in 2013 for a bargain fee of £11.5m.
Considering his qualities he was arguably their best player & became world class at Spurs.
Some may argue to him being in the bracket of world class but in my opinion he improved & developed to be world class.

Christian Eriksen performances for Spurs all these years showed how good he was for them until this season.
For a player of his quality now at the age of 27 not having won a single trophy with Spurs speaks volume.
He isn’t wrong if he wants to leave.
Spurs have progressed but haven’t won trophies primarily because there haven’t been any significant investment in the squad.
Once & when a player wants away you can’t really stop him.
If  you do, the dressing room is filled with tension and the air gets a bit negative.

Spurs wanted him to honour his contract but you can’t force someone who just doesn’t feel it.
And certainly not by forcing him to stay.
You could talk to the player in good will & establish a negotiation where you allow him to leave happily with him giving one season.
I don’t think Spurs did either, maybe they did but not the way they should have.

Christian Eriksen in Italy..

He stayed & played, as the season progressed his performances dropped to minimum.
Come near January window his performances reached to zero in games.
That completely shows an utter desperation of wanting out.

I blame both the parties for this break-down but I utmost completely understand Christian Eriksen.

So, now in the closing days of the January Transfer window, after all the rumours, gossips & speculation.
Christian Eriksen is getting his move.
Antonio Conte had him as his target, all the talk had been going on since months.
He was linked with Manchester United heavily for most part but Inter Milan’s name heated up in the debate.
Since, the start of January it has only been about Inter Milan & now the deal for Eriksen is almost done.
As of today 27th January he’s in Italy to have his medical.
The deal is at its closing stage & Christian Eriksen will soon be an Inter Milan player earning £320,000 p/w.

Tottenham Hotspurs will bank £16.8m from Eriksen’s sale, a low price because he was in his last year in his contract.
A bargain for Inter Milan if he gets back to his best.
Probably will, considering Serie A and its overall quality.

Bruno Fernandes to Manchester United stalled..

The talk about a deal after Eriksen has been about Bruno Fernandes to Manchester United.
The deal was in cards in recent weeks but diminishing time by time.
There had been a lot of rumours, speculations & gossip for the whole month of January.
Some reports by journalists claimed the deal was almost done but that is not the case.

The deal is at a stall.
Sporting Lisbon want at least £60m-£65m where as Manchester United offered a revised £46.4m.
Some reports say £56.4m.
There have been reports about Bruno Fernandes wanting this move but I highly doubt it.
Bruno Fernandes is one of the hottest prospects of Europe.
A versatile technically gifted player who can play as a forward, winger, attacking mid & as a deep mid.
Many clubs have been monitoring him for quite some time especially Real Madrid & Liverpool with their managers speaking highly of him publicly.
In the summer, if I’m right he nearly joined Madrid and was heavily linked with Liverpool.
There was talk about Manchester United too but nothing serious as compared to now.
So, it would be folly to think he wants this move when many top clubs are after him & those clubs are doing considerably well.

Why I don’t see it happening?

When you look at Manchester United, they are not a attractive place to be at.
The players who have left Manchester United are doing 10x better at their new clubs.
This says it all with the overall structural collapse and poor manager at the helm.

From what I believe I really don’t think this move will happen, Manchester United will need to pay up what Sporting is asking for.
Over the top money & a wage which he wouldn’t say no to.
No champions league, no real progress & a project which is as confused as Solsjkaer.
I don’t see anything attractive for any player to join them.
Because right now at Manchester United, things really look bad.
Average at best players are being offered wages they don’t even deserve just because they don’t leave.

They need restructuring overall in every department & stop looking it as a complete business entity.
A proper project planned to be executed with a proper manager.

I hate Manchester United since I’m a Liverpool supporter but I do respect them & as a professional who has a degree in mass communication I have to be unbiased.
They are destroying everything Sir Alex built and instead of running one of the historic club as a club of tradition, ideology  with a proper plan & structure, they are running it as a marketing tool of heavy commercialism.
The transfers are the best example of that Ibra, Pogba, Sanchez, etc.

I highly doubt this deal will happen, I also don’t understand or buy the reports on the player’s desperation wanting it.
Maybe this could be a ploy to increase his value or just a bad rumour.
No one exactly knows it confirmed.
But I can be wrong. We’ll see soon enough!