Philippe Coutinho, once hailed as Liverpool’s own and an Anfield hero became a villain with the way he left Liverpool. Now he’s desperate to come back to Liverpool because his career has gone from reaching sky high to almost no certainty even after his loan move to Bayern Munich. He wanted a move back to Liverpool last season but Liverpool weren’t interested at all- host of premier league clubs wanted him but he didn’t want to play for any but Liverpool- soon he had no choice but to join Bayern on a loan, where he’s had a rocky spell and still no certainty of Bayern making him a permanent player, currently injured- Coutinho rightly so believes that he is a wildcard there just like at Barcelona.

Coutinho was even personally asked by gaffer Jurgen Klopp to stay at Liverpool because at Barcelona he would just be another player but at Liverpool, a legend and someone who could get a statue- yet somehow Coutinho wanted to go. It’s not how you make an entrance that matters but definitely how you make your departure and Coutinho failed badly at that. Faking an injury to force a move when everyone was only by his side, trying to make him understand.
And in the end what Klopp said to him became the most famous quote in the recent history as it became the most truest & influential of all.

Coutinho didn’t buy into any of it all, didn’t even consider and went on to sign for Barcelona for a big transfer fee of £142 million. For Liverpool it was a win-win as they signed him from Inter for a bargain fee of £8.5 million. According to Coutinho, he had given enough time to Liverpool- approx. 5 years and he wanted to win trophies yet he completely forgot to see that under Klopp Liverpool were going places. He represented Liverpool as Captain and the current famous front 3 were the famous front Quartet yet he didn’t consider anything there was in front of him and Liverpool didn’t look back after he left. Coutinho’s departure became a catalyst and Liverpool became a goal-scoring machine, stronger & stronger, which from that day on January 2018, didn’t look back.

Coutinho at Barcelona..

At Liverpool, Coutinho’s record was stunning (201 app- 54 goals & 45 assists) but at Barcelona it became a different story. If you look at his stats at Barcelona, you’d think how is that bad? (76 app- 21 goals & 11 assists) but somehow it was deemed horrendous there, for a new player who was not utilized properly.
Booing became a habit by Barca faithful after some okay performances by Coutinho which later on destroyed his morale and confidence completely. Messi did his utmost best to boost his confidence and morale, even tried to ask the supporters to stop booing him but it didn’t matter. The problem for Coutinho at Barcelona was simple- he’s a no. 10 who can play at LW but when played at the wing he prefers to cut in and come short and fill the no. 10 role, this is from where he’s absolutely lethal- quick 1-2s, dribbling and his benchmark curling goals!

At Barcelona, a club already in an utmost disarray, he was utilized as a wide LW and not at all in any central mid position not even as a no. 10 (position where he is best). This was also because Messi already plays as a winger and a no. 10 in the game, now who would really change Messi’s role?
Things reached a point of no return and Barcelona wanted him out- and here at Liverpool, they secured back to back Champions League Finals- won 1 where they knocked Coutinho out with Barca in one of the greatest comeback.
Quickly began to recollect and realize of the mistake he made- Coutinho wanted to come back to Liverpool, since last season but Liverpool weren’t interested at all- mainly because Barcelona tried to play Liverpool for a fool. Host of premier league clubs tried but he refused to only play for Liverpool and when there was no chance, Bayern took him up on a loan.
At Bayern, things looked promising in the beginning for Coutinho but then he began to lose his position and started to warm the bench- injury problems too kicked in and his future seemed bleak. Bayern don’t seem to have any intention of making his deal permanent and with the way they have been playing and the players coming through it is understandable.

So, what choices is he left with? Wildcard at the places he left his home for, which now is the best club in Europe securing PL Title too- learned from his mistake, 28 y/o now with a career to save, known as “little magician” among LFC faithful.
Recently, some serious reports have emerged that Coutinho has made a personal plea to Jurgen Klopp to bring him back home- there also have been reports of his agent talking about that he only wants Liverpool and is willing to take a huge pay-cut (source @RealKevinPalmer and many other outlets).
Nothing is certain for sure- but this has got people talking.
Some red supporters are skeptical and some have already forgiven him and want him back- especially when Liverpool are not going to break the banks this window and players such as Shaqiri & Origi are likely to be sold.
Liverpool’s Captain Jordan Henderson has been very open about Coutinho’s coming back and would love to see him, same is the case with Firmino and many others because the lads love him.

It’s still there to be seen to what happens- but I wouldn’t mind signing him specially after pulling out of Werner deal and I certainly do believe Coutinho will deliver like he used to, he made a mistake and learned his lesson way too well- the fact that he’s so desperate and making a plea just shows he wants to fix things!