Let’s be honest, Lovren’s time at Liverpool is coming to an end, finally, in all the 6 years since Liverpool signed him back in 2014 for a fee of £20m, we haven’t seen him to be a consistent quality center back.
He failed badly to live up to the expectations of being a solid commanding defender and someone who could be a leader in defense- compared to his days, back in Southampton.
Lovren is a player who is very confusing to almost everyone, one game he’s a beast when defending and looks like a completely established defender and then there are games where amateur or Sunday league footballers look better than him.

The saddest part of it all?
I, among many haven’t seen him improve in all these 6 years and his good performances are far too less to his disastrous error prone performances, which are too many.
Lackluster & sloppy defending, zero concentration & awareness in the game have always been there.
Absolute school boy errors which has made him an error prone center back and more so, the kind of errors, which makes you question whether is he even a Croatian International or a professional footballer playing at the level of premier league, let alone at Liverpool.

Why does Lovren get so much criticism?
By now, you guys already know why, it’s simple, his defending and lack of improvement in 6 years- say it all and the fact that he makes huge statements about being world class or about Liverpool being invincible, for no reason, especially when there’s no need to run the mouth, says it all.

There’s no denying about his love for the club and the supporters, also his overall character towards the team, he’s a nice gentleman but on-field it’s a disaster.

There have been reports of Arsenal and Spurs wanting his signature in the summer, with his contract running out in 2021, Liverpool won’t be looking to lose him on a free transfer.
Lovren was wanted by Roma but he refused a move there and stayed but now, this summer, Lovren is likely to leave- especially with lack of 1st team football and to be honest, it is for the better.
Klopp tried his best to give him time by keeping his faith in him but Lovren failed to repay- and with the rise of Matip and Joe Gomez, his time really seems to be over.
Liverpool already has a world class center back in Van Dijk- a leader at the back and both Gomez and Matip, compliment him really well.
Liverpool are also looking towards bringing on a new center back regardless of Lovren’s future, which makes all the more reason for him to depart.

Klopp’s Liverpool is at a position where the squad needs to be filled with pragmatic, consistent quality players with their heads on towards the objective.
Due to the recent performances, we clearly saw that this side, even being one of the greatest of the premier league, lacks a lot of quality in certain departments and precisely why it suffered.

I wish Lovren, a best of luck for his future career and thank him for his services for the club, but he leaving in the summer is ideal for all the parties.