Jurgen Klopp & his redmen, suffered a shock defeat against Watford on Saturday, this defeat ended a 44 games unbeaten run including 18 consecutive unbeaten run.
The mighty redmen, surprisingly, for the first time ever in the league looked horrendous, unlike what we are so regular to watching.
The defeat, hurt & it hurt bad to every one of us because of the way the redmen played, beyond the contemplation of minds, so not LFC, under Klopp.

But this defeat, also means, a new clean slate, a new hunger & desire to go on again, renewed. No more pressure & burden of losing the streak or keeping the record but completely being free of it.
Even though Klopp & the lads may not pay attention to it, but it still has a psychological effect on the players, regardless, in the back of their minds.
Precisely, this is why at times we have seen the redmen playing some conservative football, trying to protect the streak, of not losing it.

I talked about how great this side is, and how proud it has made us. They will continue to do so, because these lads have that hunger & passion for LFC, and the gaffer is the embodiment of Liverpool F.C, the great Shankly & Pasiley.

Jurgen Klopp talked about bouncing back, that his redmen want to strike back, and we know they are hurting & ready to pack the punches. Tonight’s game, is ideal for the reds to deliver a punch and awaken the monster which witnessed an unexpected defeat and blow in confidence. Chelsea is a good side who has an old rivalry with Liverpool which makes the atmosphere even better for the team at Stamford Bridge to revive themselves and hopefully secure a win.

It is clean & clear to see that the team itself did not seem satisfied with their last performance and to be honest, we all know how the last match went. Playing tonight will help the lads to land in a better spot.

I think, Klopp should start today most of our first team, the lads want to prove themselves and this could be that game where they do it. This team has always been highly-critical of their own performances and self-assessing; they own up to their mistakes and rise up to perform with all that they have got. A win against Chelsea will eradicate the strange nervousness that may have risen up, but also help the team to get back at their tempo and composure.

Chelsea, on the other hand, are under a lot of pressure, they leak goals, 4th spot in the league looks to be getting tighter with teams chasing them getting closer & they are already, almost out of the champions league after the thumping by Bayern at Stamford Bridge.
So, all in all, Lampard has this competition (FA Cup) & securing the champions league spot, the dilemma is, should he forsake the FA Cup and start second string Chelsea, tonight?

I do know, changes will be there at both ends, but I certainly do emphasize on Klopp starting a strong LFC regulars regardless of Chelsea’s lineup, there could be the case of needing rest but I think they’d be ready.

In my opinion the lineup should be:
Defense: Adrian; TAA, Van Dijk, Matip/Gomez, Robertson
Fabinho, Lallana, Minamino/Milner
Salah, Firmino, Mane

I chose, Adrian because he is there to start in Cup games, Matip needs game time and Gomez is coming back from an injury so, he may not be 100% fit, same is the case with Milner.
Lallana deserves to start & Minamino needs game time, this game should be nice to integrate him with 1st team regulars, ideal to gel with the squad in an actual game of such caliber from the first minute.
The front 3 wouldn’t mind to have a go with real zest & hunger, they must be itching and feeling on how they did not score, in the previous game, they would want to rectify and get things straight.

All in all, this is just my opinion and the gaffer knows the best, and whatever he prefers & chooses will be his call & I’ll go by it, because he’s our leader & he knows his job pretty damn well.
Klopp has led us into light from darkness & continues to makes us better, he is the one who got us this far, where the footballing world is in awe of him & the redmen.
My request to fellow reds who have been feeling low, upset & worried after the loss, relax & have faith in this man, he has led us this far without disappointing us & this team has achieved greatness without even lifting the title, yet, which we will, in coming few weeks.
FA Cup is tonight, Champions League isn’t over either.
Plenty to play for & that was just one loss after 44 GAMES, know that!
I’m nothing but PROUD OF THIS TEAM!

My prediction is a Liverpool win by 2-1.