Pep Guardiola & ManCity claimed and retained their Carabao Cup, last night, after a hard-fought battle against a resilient Aston Villa.
The game finished 2-1 to ManCity with Claudio Bravo coming to the rescue in last stages of the game with a brilliant save.

Aston Villa, came through by defeating Leicester City 3-2 on aggregate score, in the semi-finals, whereas Mancity had to defeat archrivals Manchester United, they did that with such an ease.

Villa gave their best to equalize but failed, credit to them for their run, in the Carabao Cup, making to the final, despite their poor run in the league.
Even though they were dominated for the whole game, they did score and kept the game in their reach.
But ManCity proved a little too much and lifted the trophy.

Pep Guardiola’s domestic Trophy- league’s gone but things are feistier in Champions League..

ManCity & Pep, just don’t seem to neglect any trophy of England, I mean, you could also say that they have such a deep quality squad which allows them to fight on all fronts, but you definitely cannot take away the fact that they play and compete brilliantly.
Pep with Mancity, since coming to England, has now won 2 League Titles, 1 FA Cup & 3 Carabao Cups.
That’s not bad for a premier league manager in a space of 3 years, let’s not forget his other trophies with Barcelona & Bayern.
I’m not going to get into my critical side of Pep Guardiola or talk about the money he spends or the clubs, he takes over, etc.
I’ll keep it on the down-low because it’s not the time for that.
And no matter what, he deserves RESPECT.
Pep is, without a doubt, one of the greatest manager around.
And what I, admire the most about him & my gaffer Klopp, their humbleness- humility- respectful nature- honesty- accepting their mistakes, and so on.

It is not easy to maintain the same level of quality season after season, playing the same style of football at the same level of quality, all year long against every team & succeeding.
Pep is always able to achieve that. Even though this season, they have been blown past by Liverpool, doesn’t mean they are down & out.
Pep’s Mancity is one of the greatest premier league side.

After the disappointment of losing out on the league as early as February, because of the point’s difference of 22 points, no one expected City to fall behind like that, even Pep, himself didn’t expect that.
There was this sense of demoralization in the Mancity camp because of their own mistakes and allowing Liverpool to run away with the league + ban from champions league for 2 years.
Recently, the rivalry between the two has become England’s finest, the matches between them are a masterclass, and they are easily the best teams who are miles ahead of everyone else in England.

But Pep led his team like a leader should, the players at Mancity, did step up, and things are taking a turn.
A comeback win against European Royalty, Real Madrid at Santiago Bernabeu, no one expected that but Pep & City did that.
This was, ManCity’s biggest ever win in their history and their greatest achievement up to date.
Only 2 English teams before, had defeated Madrid at their home, Arsenal & Liverpool & now ManCity joined that list.
They are in a pretty comfortable position with 2 away goals going into the second leg at their own home, this time, I hope Etihad would be full.

Pep not only showed his tactical masterclass by completely outwitting Zidane but also showed pragmatism, needed in big games in the Champions League, especially in away fixtures.
This has led to Mancity’s revival of confidence followed by lifting the Carabao Cup.
Things really don’t look that awry for Pep & ManCity.
The FA Cup is still to play for, comfortable position in the Champions League, and City are gunning for it with sky-high confidence & morale.

From the looks of it, things really look good for ManCity & if they are able to win the Champions League, Pep would have achieved everything he came for in England & City will get what they want the most.

Maybe, just maybe, losing out on the league worked as a trigger for ManCity to go on & unleash in Champions League with a different mindset?
I like to think so, but it’s not over yet, Madrid can still pack some punches but City are now the clear favorites to advance and continue on their charge in the Champions League, and they are the only English team who had a great result in Europe in the first leg.