In midweek in the Champions League, Liverpool suffered a 1-0 loss to Atletico Madrid at Wanda Metropolitano.
It came as a shock to see Liverpool lose because it rarely or never happens, especially to the first team.

But it did happen as Atletico showed their defensive prowess & Simeone’s masterclass.
Liverpool, on the other hand, did play good but not like they usually play.
For any other team the stats which Liverpool had would be extraordinary but the benchmark set by Liverpool, it was below par.
Liverpool were too passive, too slow and playing at the hands of what Atletico wanted.
They were forced & backed in against their backs because of their immense possession but slow tempo which allowed Atletico to settle down well.

So, what does the loss mean?

This loss precisely means that whenever you take your foot off, everybody will look for blood.
Liverpool is the best in the world, right now. Everybody wants a piece of them & want to knock down the best.
“To be the Best, You want to beat the Best.”
That is how it is.

Losing sucks, yes! But I couldn’t have asked for a better time to have a loss like this.
Firstly, it’s a 1 goal deficit with the return leg at Anfield.
We know we can overturn it for the better.

Secondly, we’re in the end of February, have been on an unbeaten streak overall, league campaign is still intact but sometimes you need a little bump to get yourself checked in & it makes you ponder to not get complacent & go in again stronger.

Liverpool have always bounced back stronger, we did lose in the group stages away at Napoli in the champions league and look how we went further on till now.
This is the ideal situation for Klopp & the boys to re-energize and use this loss against Atletico as a driving force, a force to not let any detail left unturned or not paid attention to.
Klopp always seeks betterment in every game even if the performance is a great one & this is just something to learn from.
Even though, I know Klopp is always demanding but still sometimes even when you are winning, you know you can do better & the results keep on coming your way, you can get a bit relaxed and feel a little bit easy, players may not think that & certainly don’t want it but its psychological, the easiness.

A loss under these circumstances make you ponder even more harder at the mistakes made, at times you get away with those mistakes because of the results- the winning streaks & those mistakes, even as minute get subsided.

The resolve & confidence is now much higher!

In the Liverpool camp the loss against Atletico has reignited the already burning fire to its extreme.
Now, the players firsthand, know they have felt a chunk of theirs taken a bite off of.
They know it’s about in it to win it & there’s nothing much more, they have made themselves a target for teams to take a shot at & prove they want to beat them, and try to emulate them.
Now, it is more like “we can beat you”.

This now comes with Liverpool to amp up themselves, re-assess, re-evaluate and look to improve even furthermore.
An ideal plain to bring about a different intensity among the mentality monsters, since they have been taken a shot at, in a competition where they are the defending champions.
Mentality checking in & re-organization of it all.
The hunger to do better will be there even more now.

That is how Jürgen Klopp is and that is how his team is.
It is because of the bumps in the journey, made Jürgen Klopp the best & same is the case for his team, they became a team of “mentality monsters” or as I like to call them, “aliens” because of the set-backs & hurdles.
Through learning, adapting, assessing and being self-critical on mistakes and to do better, to improve.
I mean, Klopp had to change his style in some ways to be successful in England, he learned from his mistakes.
Liverpool today, working on the mistakes and learning from them, are where they are at, breaking & making records.

Sometimes, even when you’re sky high, you still need to be taken down a bit, so that you can push further high up.
A push which is needed the most, just because you’re getting it right doesn’t mean it will last forever & to stay long enough up there.
You need to have these bumps to reach your destination, stronger than ever.
It determines your identity and your hard-work as well as your commitment.
And this is what makes you achieve GREATNESS.
Liverpool have already proved themselves to be a Great side but there’s still more to achieve & the season isn’t over.
This is an ideal setting for Liverpool, a slingshot to push further above.