Jordan Henderson came from the crop of talented English players back in 2011.
Where like many young footballers are used to being labeled as the next big thing.
Such as the next Drogba or Cristiano Ronaldo or Frank Lampard, etc.
In Henderson’s case, he was labeled to be the next Steven Gerrard.
That’s the biggest problem in football, imprinting another player’s identity with attaching big names to young players.
It only creates pressure & the masses begin to see not the actual player but a finished product of a big player.
Whence these (youngsters) somehow fail to reach their potential, everybody gets disappointed and then there is huge criticism.
It has always been part of football but surprisingly a lot in English football.
However since last few years, this has changed dramatically & for the good.

Henderson at struggle in Liverpool..

Jordan Henderson didn’t have it easy one bit at all at Liverpool.
He, back in 2011 was one of those signings from Liverpool who was part of King Kenny’s & the club’s recruitment program of talented English crop.
He was seen by many as the understudy to Steven Gerrard & eventually someone who would succeed him.

Now that was a lot of pressure to bear on young shoulders & on top of that moving to one of the biggest clubs in the world for a fee at that time to be £20m.
It was a lot, considering for that period of time.
Where many are unable to cope with the pressure of the club’s magnitude & expectations from everyone & mostly succumb to it.

Liverpool supporters were looking forward to him play & there was a lot of expectation to see something extra-ordinary but it didn’t turn out to be so.
Jordan Henderson’s beginning was the same as of many young footballers who make a big switch, not well.

There was skepticism as no one really could understand what he was actually good at.
Whether he was a box-to-box midfielder or a defensive midfielder or an anchoring creative midfielder.
Everything was just lacking because the supporters were expecting perhaps a lot or maybe not but something worthy of “Steven Gerrard” stature.

One thing Henderson always had with him was his love, admiration & passion for the club!
That is what made supporters really like him but regardless of personal liking towards him, what was done on the field mattered the most, we felt he lacked quality.
Liverpool was in dire need for that during that time when Liverpool were badly struggling in the premier league & overall.
Liverpool supporters were used to of a quality midfield of Mascherano, Alonso & Gerrard.

It’s true, we didn’t expect the same but we wanted to see that drive from Henderson, a style of play perhaps of an attacking midfielder, someone creating or popping goals.
Someone giving the strength in the midfield either as a defensive midfield or central/attacking midfield.
The diagonals, the long balls, the through passes.
No one really knew what he was good at other than running around in the midfield.
We were neither sure what his actual position in the midfield was & what role was he good at.
It was all coming awry.

From shown the door to resurgence to Liverpool’s Captain Jordan Henderson!!

When Brendan Rodgers took over, he didn’t see Henderson as someone he wanted and Henderson was told to leave.
Fulham back in 2012 wanted him but Henderson rejected the move to stay put & prove himself.

This was the moment of impact, a gut-punch which made him take it as a driving force.
A motivation unlike many who take the wrong route, lose their way & their careers go on towards a downward spiral.
Jordan Henderson, is an intelligent lad, he understood what it means to play for Liverpool.
His passion & admiration was always a lot but he also knew deep down that even if the supporters respect & like him, it is because of that & not his on-field presence.
He knew he had to give back to the supporters who always supported him because of the badge & he understood their pain, their disappointments.

Henderson, I believe grasped the essence of being a part of Liverpool F.C which pushed him to where he is at now!

Henderson’s dedication, commitment & hard work began to show as he became a regular for Rodgers team.
He didn’t become world class or some genius technical midfielder but a hard working midfielder.
His passing improved, ability to push others, his pressing and tireless effort began to show he meant business.

He became a work-horse of the midfield covering ground everywhere, playing deep roles in the midfield to central midfield.
Untiring press machine, tracking back, bombing forward.
We all could see now, that even if Henderson isn’t that lavish like Gerrard or Lampard or many midfielders in the premier league & around the world, he is an entirely a different proposition.

Henderson made himself to be a crucial member of Rodger’s midfield.
A pressing machine, an ideal cover for Stevie with the legs to get in the box as well as everywhere on the pitch.

Soon, he became Liverpool’s Vice-Captain after Daniel Agger left.
It was only understandable because he showed & proved himself to not only be a player who gives his all on the field but also someone who was vocal & a leader, someone who really followed Stevie.
A player who had been through with the club for 4 years, mostly downs but never wavering attitude.
Always passionate & hardworking.
He rightfully earned it.
And soon after the heart breaking Stevie’s departure, he was made the club captain by Brendan Rodgers.
Henderson was the only player left of the old breed.
By old breed, I mean someone who was there at Liverpool for a long time, someone who knew it all about the club.
Someone who could lead the players playing for the club.
Someone who could show them what this club means just like Stevie in some sorts.
A player with an incurable heel problem, plantar fasciitis, playing for his club through the pain barrier.

Jordan Henderson, World Class & one of Liverpool’s great!

Liverpool’s Captain Marvelous has cemented his place as one of the best midfielder’s in the world if not the best. Although many regard him currently as the best midfielder in the world right now.
He recently was named the England’s player of the year!
Henderson is well on his way to be the player of the season.
He has now easily become as one of the Liverpool’s great & a great Captain for the club.
Not only stated that by the supporters but also by the ex-legends & many analyst on from the media.
He has now lifted the Champions League, UEFA SuperCup & Club World Cup all in 2019-2020 and is on course of lifting the long awaited premier league title after 30 years.

If you want to see passion, determination & hard-work, rewind your minds to the time when Jurgen Klopp took-over Liverpool’s team.
He immediately knew Henderson is someone who players look up to.
The players love, respect & follow him just like the supporters!
He is one of those who represent Liverpool through it all.
Someone who wasn’t world class but deeply respected by everyone at the club.
This was because of his personality.
Henderson’s willingness to give his all for the badge & the team.

Klopp due to Henderson’s injury eased him in the squad.
In Klopp’s early years at Liverpool, Henderson played a vital role in the dressing room.
Jordan Henderson never ever has been a lavish midfielder that we see around but he’s an out and out leader.
He plays in every position for his club & gives his all.
Under Klopp he was reincarnated just like many players.
Henderson’s hard-work & work ethic prospered more than the previous managers.
Klopp’s gegenpress & system complimented him.
Klopp deployed him as a holding mid because of his experience as well as his ability with the ball.
Henderson’s determination made him one of the best midfielders in the world.
After Fabinho was signed, Henderson moved into a much more no.8 role taking on the right.
He got the license to go forward & you could see how exceptional he is on that right side.
He occupies the wing, the midfield, tracks back, provides those whipping crosses & has the ability to control the tempo with the ball.

Even when he’s not having a good game, he doesn’t let it feel to others around him.
Henderson keeps pushing the players to do better, always vocal.
Doesn’t create many goals or assists like De Bruyne’s or Silva’s but he does something none of them can do.
Always everywhere & does everything for the team.
He leads from the front.
When Fabinho got injured this season, everybody was sure Liverpool would struggle without Fabinho.
Klopp didn’t think so.
His trump card was his talisman, Jordan Henderson.
Henderson filled that void of deep defensive midfielder so well that we really didn’t miss Fabinho.
Hendo did everything, orchestrated the mid exceptionally and Liverpool secured continuous wins.
Back to back Man of the matches.

He’s assisting & scoring more than ever now.
Considering his role in the squad he does it all exceptionally well.

Henderson always steps up for the team.
Plays through pain barriers for the team.
He’s the engine of Liverpool’s midfield.
Exceptionally still underrated because he doesn’t make headlines.
Simpley for the reason he doesn’t score & assist regularly but he doesn’t have to do that because of the front 3 & the back two in TAA & Robbo.

He does what needs to be done.
Cleaning up in the midfield, pushing everyone to do better, being a manager on the field (Klopp’s voice) & controlling the game.
Buildup, transitioning, attack & defense, you’ll find him everywhere.

Jordan Henderson has made himself to be a WORLD CLASS midfielder from someone whose playing style was barely anything.
He learned every step of the way, keenly watched Captain Fantastic & learned from him and he continued to improve!
An example of hard-work, determination & dedication!

A Liverpool Legend who will soon lift the Premier League TITLE as well!