Jordan Henderson has etched his name to be one of the great captains of Liverpool and also of the premier league. A leader with dedication, motivation, hard-work, passion and a driving force which drives the team. A man who was literally joked about by everyone and trolled, now see him as one of the world’s best midfielder, a complete all-round midfielder. He put all of his passion, his heart & soul in to working on himself and got where he is.
Now, he’s at a point where what he says or does matters, and people pay attention to it. A guy who has proved himself through it all.
There’s a reason why he’s called Klopp’s on-field assistant manager but Jordan Henderson is much more than that.

Football is a global game, it is a way of life that unites everyone irrespective from where they come from, footballers are the icons- role models, loved and followed by millions and it is the way they carry themselves matter the most. They know they can make a difference and they understand it, which is precisely why they do whatever they can to keep working off the field, as well.

Jordan Henderson, is one of them, a role model for many off-the field as well.
The Corona Virus, literally has the whole world on a stop, the global pandemic is the 3rd biggest global crisis after the WWI & WWII.
People have lost their lives, some are suffering, it’s a total chaos and countries are on lock-downs, but it is one of those times where everyone stands united, helping each other.
Respect to the doctors and nurses all over the world, doing everything they can, to stop the virus and helping those in need, the real superheroes, some of them died protecting others- while saving lives.
There are no words on how to express gratitude and thanks to them but only love & prayers.

Jordan Henderson, took a stand by himself, yesterday, to help the NHS (National Health Service) of England by contacting all the other captains of the premier league clubs telling them about his idea of establishing a fund for the NHS. Things in Europe, especially in England are quite serious with the virus, and NHS has been on it, non-stop to contain, treat and help those who are suffering.
The premier league clubs are also doing their part by donating and the money could be raised to up to half a billion pounds.
It is gestures like these that unite people to do their part, follow the right example and this is why I said about everyone being united because everyone in every country is doing their part by donating and helping out each other in every way possible. When you know you are privileged enough than the responsibility on you becomes double to do well & make a change.
Jordan Henderson, among many others, understand that and this is why he knows his actions matter and if he takes the initiative everyone will follow it, and that is what’s happening in England.

There’s a reason why football is a force which unites everyone and footballers are icons who always make a change and give back to the community, same goes for the clubs, all over the world.
All the footballing icons are doing their part by donating- Lewandowski, Ronaldo, Messi, Reus, Neymar, Mane, Salah, etc.
We need to follow these footsteps too, do our best to help in any way we can and follow the guidelines suggested to us to stay safe- stay at home.
Hopefully, we all will prevail and have a good start to our lives, once again.
You’ll Never Walk Alone.