If anyone wants to know what Liverpool F.C is all about, just look at last night’s game.
Liverpool fielded their U-23’s in an FA Cup replay against Shrewsbury at Anfield.
And yet Anfield was full packed for the Kop kids.
I’m pretty sure had it been any other club doing that, the stadium would have never been sold out.
But here at Liverpool, we aren’t ordinary.
When our club says L.F.C family it means it.
It is imprinted & embedded within us what it means to be a part of Liverpool’s family.
Once a family always a family regardless of anything.

Win, lose or draw we stand by our club through thick & thin.
We back & support our own.

Kop Kids and the full support of Anfield..

Last night was Liverpool’s youngest ever side ever to represent Liverpool in a competitive match.
Curtis Jones, the rising star, was the youngest ever Captain for Liverpool.
And how amazingly he represented Liverpool.
In fact every single one of them gave their all, they fed on the support from Anfield, pushed away the pressure & secured a win.

It’s a tale of a lifetime, a story which people dream of & they, so young delivered it, living it!
Every supporter see themselves in these young kids, they live these moments through them.
Especially the locals & local kids in the team.

These talented young kids made themselves proud, their families proud & the supporters proud.
And all in all Liverpool as a club & a city proud!

A performance of heart & soul with utmost passion.
You could see the way they were pressing, the way they were passing & controlling the game.
Every single one of them looked calm & composed.
Shrewsbury barely had the ball in the first half.
They must be thinking, these kids really are the Kop Kids, for real.
They aren’t normal kids.

At HT the kids received a standing ovation not only from their own supporters but also from Shrewsbury supporters.
That speaks a lot.
It was a real touch of class from the away fans.
It showed how well the kids played that even the away end praised them.

Different Liverpool same result, a win..

Neil Critchley was elated by his team’s performance & felt proud how his U-23 side approached the game.
He definitely deserves the praise for the way he prepared his team.
The game showed their loss against Aston Villa proved they improved their game.
It showed growth, maturity & a sense of further determination.

Liverpool’s Kop kids have put Liverpool into the fifth round where they will face Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.
This achievement by these kids is no mere joke. It is huge especially the way they played.
It was after-all a match against boys vs men.
Some people suggested it as “putting lambs to slaughter”.
Let’s check the stats; Liverpool possession – 58%, Shots on/off target – 4/12.
Shrewsbury just had 3 shots and all of them off target.
Those people should say something like that again, no?

WE ARE LIVERPOOL just to remind them.

Shrewsbury did score but it was a clear offside from the build up & VAR overruled it.
Liverpool got the goal in 75th minute through an OG by Ro Shaun Williams.
Now some people can say all they want but the truth is the kids didn’t succumb to pressure.
In fact they took it on & played a calm game, forced Shrewsbury mistakes.
Earned their reward.

A clean sheet for the talented back four in Adam Lewis (debutante), Van Den Berg, Ki-Jana Hoever & Neco Williams.
It’s safe to say Liverpool are well equipped in every department, specially in the right back one after TAA.
Neco Williams is one hell of a teenager.

The future is really bright for all of these talented players!

James Milner, a true role model!

It is true when everyone say that James Milner is a true professional.
For someone who has been at this stage for a long long time since his debut in 2002 till now in 2020.
He has always maintained his levels of professionalism & attributes of a true gentleman.
A proper experienced athlete who always provides with the necessary advice to his younger counter-parts.
He is an influential figure in the Liverpool’s dressing room, someone who players look up to.

James Milner’s character speaks for himself.
Even though he has recovered from his injury and could have opt to go for a winter break with his team already on it.
He decided to stay back, as vice-captain he deemed it necessary to represent Klopp & Captain Jordan Henderson.
Henderson & Milner are Klopp’s assistant managers on the field, in the game.

He not only joined training with the young reds but also asked for the permission of Neil Critchley to be at the game by their side.
That is the testament of his character & the respectful behaviour of a true gentleman.
His presence, tips & training with the young lads itself was a huge boost of confidence.
And then he closely watched the game and cheered them on more than anyone else.

A deserved win & a deserve praise for all of them!
They have etched their names in the illustrious history of Liverpool F.C, one that will stay forever!