Liverpool have thumped Southampton 4-0.
A side that has been really good.
Southampton caused a lot of trouble to Liverpool in the first half.
It was for Alisson & Van Dijk who stood in their way.
What a duo, wall behind wall!!
Alisson makes difficult things look easy where as Van Dijk is never wavering clearing everything that comes his way.
Liverpool is indeed a team of Aliens assembled by Klopp!
If there were still doubts about this title being Liverpool’s then better believe it now.
A 22 point lead at the top, undefeated in 25 games. (even though ManCity v Spurs later on tomorrow).
I will keep saying it because this team is beyond extra-ordinary.
Liverpool now have collected 100 points out of possible 102. Just 2 points dropped in the last 34.
Unbeaten in 42 Premier League games.
20 consecutive home wins!

Liverpool now has 11 clean sheets in the league with Alisson on 9 clean sheets more than any other keeper.
He missed 10 or so games due to injury in the beginning of the season!
Mo Salah is now 3rd in the goal scoring chart with 14 goals!

Liverpool came up against a really brave Southampton..

Southampton tried their best to rattle Liverpool, they were brilliant in the first half.
They showed promise & didn’t sit back as most teams do, something Manchester United should learn.
Especially while playing their bitter rivals to at-least put up a game.
Anyway, Southampton pressed Liverpool they tried to take the game to Liverpool.

Their pressing was really good & disrupted Liverpool’s build up.
Ings & Long gained confidence and got into dangerous positions behind Gomez.
Gomez was targeted well & was caught napping at times.
Their midfield’s long & short lob balls were accurate in to Ings & Long but Van Dijk & Alisson stood firm.

Much of the problems for Liverpool were caused by Liverpool themselves.
Liverpool were caught in giving away possession in dangerous areas which Soton tried to take advantage off.
Alisson as always came to he rescue.
Even though Liverpool dominated the possession & passing, Southampton ended the half quite strongly.
Liverpool did have their chances, especially the one that fell to Van Dijk but McCarthy stood in his way.
Overall Southampton were resolute.

Southampton don’t get enough credit for their game-play & style of football.
A well drilled team, quality attack & a resolute mid & defense.

Believe me when I say this, Southampton had 17 shots in the game, but it really didn’t seem anything!
No team has done so to us, right? As far I remember, none.
At Anfield, especially!
Had it been any other team, I don’t see a Southampton loss.
Klopp’s men are in a different league, Aliens (I say it again)!!

Liverpool un-match-able, parry away Soton like they were nothing..

Redmen attacking the KOP END is as famous as anything you’ll ever see or hear about.
This end is the end where everything ends for the opposition.
And it so it did for Southampton.
Jurgen Klopp, whatever he said to his mentality monsters, did the trick.
This, by the way, not the first time.
Liverpool came in firing in the second half.
Joe Gomez in the second half was at his best!

Firmino went on to assist Oxlade for a belter of a goal!
A powerful low disguised shot from outside of the box into the bottom right corner.
McCarthy could only watch since he was played by the disguise.
Southampton tried to settle & push on but the lethality possessed by Liverpool is beyond explaining.
TAA did not have his usual 5 star studded game today & yet under pressure on half-way line from a 50/50 ball knocked a mesmerizing diagonal to Firmino who took it forward & set Hendo up to make it 2-0.

Southampton were rattled.
And Liverpool didn’t stop.
Even though Southampton caused a worry, it really didn’t feel like they would score.
Credit to them that they still tried.
The game was set when once again Liverpool caught them in a transition, when they were pushing forward.
A peach of a ball by Henderson to Salah & the Egyptian King finished it off.

Mo Salah was literally on fire. He selflessly set up Minamino to score.
Minamino missed it, flashing it wide.
In defense, he got pressured with Keita running in to hit it. It happens.
(Minamino-Keita-Lallana came on for Ox-Gini-Henderson).

But Mo Salah & Firmino weren’t done. Firmino setting Salah up with his brace of the night.
And it was a hat-trick of assists for Firmino.
Salah tried for Firmino to score but he was unlucky.


Liverpool had already sealed the win and were just killing the game off, at times toying with Southampton.
I kind of felt sad for Firmino, he still hasn’t scored a goal at Anfield this season.
That is how he is, so selfless & an ultimate team player!
What a player, absolute GEM!
WORLD CLASS, the highest of praise is still less for him!

This Liverpool side is on course of becoming arguably the greatest Liverpool team in the recent era.
And one of the greatest of the Premier League, if not the greatest by some rival whiners yet.
Look at us, on our way.
7 wins away to the 19th title.
Racking up records, breaking up records!
Machines, aliens call them whatever you want, one word to it all; JURGEN KLOPP!
Everyone was exceptional even when poor, they cover each other so well that if one has a bad game it subsides brilliantly!

Henderson was the man of the match, rightfully but mine is Roberto Firmino.
In reality, all of them.
I no longer believe in MOTM for this team!