Yes, the game Liverpool played against Manchester City, probably the one to forget and also the one nobody actually cared about is done, even though a loss hurts, it was one of the most interesting games, I have ever seen. A hungover starting 11 and never in my life I thought I’d be finding a Liverpool’s loss to be this hilarious, but it was, I mean did you see the lads? I was laughing my socks off watching them because they were out of sorts totally in every aspect and the fact that Carra, Neville & Tyler were themselves having fun rather than being critical, actually says it all. For the ones, who are feeling alarmed, relax, it’s not something that will derail everything. Klopp has definitely, by now, torn into the lads- he actually looked pissed after the game but I mean come on we can give the lads some space and let this go and we have. Liverpool is a team that has been nothing but achieved sheer perfection from last season till now, giving more than 100% game in and game out- by now just 3 losses in 2 seasons still less than the trophies won, earliest Premier League Champions & still 20 points ahead of Manchester City, now that shows this side’s utter greatness. Liverpool’s record itself is greater than back to back Champions Manchester City. The lads just had a day off and when it didn’t matter and it is alright, maybe for the better with valuable lessons learned.

Aston Villa at Anfield

This season has been a nightmare for Aston Villa as they are battling relegation, the positives for them have been their star man & captain Jack Grealish, who was heavily linked with a move away to Manchester United. They have failed to win in their last 7 league matches picking up 2 points from 2 draws. They would need one hell of an inspiration to win all 6 remaining games and hope other relegation battling teams drop points to survive but they travel to Anfield to face Liverpool, a further dent to their morale in one way as Liverpool is a fortress in the premier league and no one has been able to topple Liverpool here, a record 56 unbeaten game streak that continues on. Aston Villa has never won at Anfield since the 1990s & Liverpool right now are in a state of putting behind their off-day and get back to their regular state of winning and getting to that record points tally of 100+.
Aston Villa would have hoped to see Liverpool in a hungover state against them rather than Manchester City but they’d probably be facing a proper Liverpool, bouncing back and something as an opponent you wouldn’t want to be in such a position.
Klopp has talked about youngsters being given more chances in these last remaining games and we are going to see that, probably from this game to the final game of the season.
Predictions: 3-0 Liverpool win.

Thiago to Liverpool?

Reports have emerged about Liverpool’s interest in Spanish International & Bayern Munich’s Thiago Alcantara (29) and it’s true that the move is inflow. Thiago is in his last year at Bayern and is not looking to renew, Barcelona are among the mold to take him back Camp Nou but the midfielder wants a move to Liverpool. Some credible journalists have claimed the deal is almost done and only negotiations over payment of the fee are on-going between Liverpool and Bayern (fee reported to be €30-35m).
You can check for all the details here on end of the storm.
We all know that Thiago is a world-class midfielder who can play as a deep-lying playmaker but also an out and out attacking midfielder. He has been the orchestrator of Bayern’s midfield time after time, and his technical ability with swift nimble feet, quick acceleration, dribbling skills & vision to lob cute passes and grounded passes make him a very dangerous midfielder.
There’s no denying he’s world-class but has suffered continuous injuries yet in the current season he has had 24 appearances for Bayern (4 as subs) and did exceptionally well with 3 goals and 1 assist.
Currently, his stats are:

These stats are taken from our friends at

Passes creating danger 1.36

Expected goal chain value 1.37

Expected goal build-up 0.22

Pass completion 91.35%

Pass progression value 0.71

As you can see he’s always involved in the goals Bayern has scored and is the progenitor for the buildup leading to goals.
Pass Progression Value (PPV) is a metric that measures the probability of a pass that leads to a goal and he is at 71%.
You can check for his defensive stats too at the site I’ve mentioned and feel free to compare him with our midfielders and I just looked at a comparison with Gini and Thiago was miles ahead.

Lastly, it is still to be seen if we will actually sign him or not but another question of whether why are we deviating from our policy of buying an older player?
The answer is simple, our project for bringing in young talents is already in shape with Klopp and has been successfully delivering trophies but now it is also about keeping the trophies- imminent successes where players could come into the mold (world-class, quality & experienced) and get into the starting 11 rather than wait for the further future- besides Klopp won’t stay forever and now we will have a mixture of young and relatable older signings under the age of 30s.