Liverpool extend their undefeated streak at Anfield to 51 league games after they defeated Sheffield United last night.
It was a much comfortable performance by the reds, who were dominant through out the whole game with Sadio Mane and Mohammad Salah hitting the net.
Liverpool establish their own premier league record by recording 969 passes at a pass accuracy of 90.1%.
Chris Wilder had nothing but praise for the Liverpool side, this was a tough game for Sheffield and the one game they looked a bit tired out of all the games.
After all they played Liverpool right after they played Manchester City, so it is understandable.
Sheffield, none the less have been brilliant this season under Chris Wilder.
Liverpool maintain their position at top with 58 points and a game in hand.

Liverpool who don’t look back..

Klopp labelled his players as “mentality monsters” after the remontada against Barcelona in the Champions League.
The name,“mentally monsters”, wasn’t just a one off about his players but it was meant to stay that way.
After last year’s triumphant champions league campaign of lifting their 6th title in Europe and missing out on league by a point even after losing just once to the eventual champions City away at Etihad in January 2019.
It was actually the beginning of a nightmare for Manchester City and all the clubs in the league as well as in the champions league.

“The Unbearables are becoming the Unbeatables”.
Klopp and his team from that loss actually never looked back specially in the league because since that particular loss Liverpool haven’t lost a single game in the premier league for a year now.
To make it more mind boggling Liverpool have made history by winning 82 points out of 84 since March 2019 (27 wins, 1 Draw).
Pretty remarkable considering how competitive and tough the premier league has gotten over the years along with Manchester City doing what they did under Pep Guardiola in the last 2 seasons.
I believe the defining moment of the beginning for this Liverpool journey started off with that defeat in January and then losing the lead to be overtaken by Manchester City eventually.
Then it was the greatest comeback against Barcelona which cemented it all because after that comeback, the greatest one at Anfield just lit an undying fire and gave an unwavering resolve to everyone attached to this historical and beautiful club.
Losing the league just by one point was compensated by the win for the 6th champions league and then it was it.
City might just had poked the giants way too much to get away by a whisker.
The “mentally monsters” had their eyes fixed on the prize and come new season, this season they started off where they left it off, winning the UEFA Super Cup and recently the Club World Club, the only trophy that they had never won, failing to win 3 times in the past.

Klopp’s Belief and Satisfaction in his squad..

Klopp went in into this new season without spending any money on the first team squad, in fact, Liverpool bought youngsters in Harvey Elliot, Sepp Van Den Berg and Ki Jana Hoever.
A free last minute signature of Adrian for free because of Alisson’s injury to wrap it all.
Everybody was shocked and was sure about this to cause Liverpool serious trouble as the season will progress but the gaffer was convinced with his mentality monsters.
Klopp was satisfied with the depth he had, believing it as enough and everyone is in the best shape.
And we all know rest til now, don’t we?
He was so damn correct in every way.

According to Mourinho back in November; this team is a complete puzzle”.
You know you have to pay attention when Mourinho talks because he knows what is he saying and talking about.
The outcome is there for all of us to see, isn’t it?
Even when Liverpool had Alisson out due to injury along with Matip, Ox, Shaqiri, Salah, Fabinho and Lovren, they just didn’t look weak at all and continued to win.
Even with squad rotation they didn’t look different and continued to perform and secure wins.
They now are 20 games in making records winning 19 and drawing just once.
To top it all off, they have a game in hand and a lead which is mind blowing.

Grinding if not guns blazing..

Liverpool haven’t been all guns blazing this season but they have been getting the job done by grinding out results.
Playing relentlessly and like champions.
No one has the answer to stop them, they just don’t have that quitting spirit.
Even when they are losing you know they will end up winning somehow.
They have become masters of loving the pressure and winning it late.
Liverpool supporters have started to call stoppage time as “kloppage time”. It is so because Liverpool score winners late on.

There’s no more nervousness in the play when a goal down but much more composure and the ability to force the opposition to slip up only to capitalize on them.
In the beginning Liverpool weren’t getting the clean sheets, everybody went on to saying this may just be the reason for them to slip up.
But it wasn’t to be up until now because as the season continues on, Liverpool keep getting better defensively.
They have managed to get 5 consecutive clean sheets in the league, their best since 2007.
Liverpool had a bit of instability in defense due continuous changes at the back with Matip falling to injury followed by Lovren and now Gomez.
But all of them did exceptionally well.
Even after the injuries Liverpool has the best defense in the league.
Fabinho’s injury caused a worry because he is the anchor to Liverpool’s mid, easily made himself the best in the league and one of the best in the world in his position but Henderson stepped up like the leader he is and Fabinho’s absence isn’t hurting.
Klopp has built a team full of leaders and strong characters just like how he is, himself.

Anfield, is Anfield..

This specific Klopp’s Liverpool only seems to get stronger and stronger as the season progresses.
It keeps making records game by game with most of the injured players coming back from injury in the mid of January.
New signing Minamino has joined up with the squad and is in contention to start against Everton F.C on Sunday in a 3rd round F.A Cup tie.
It will be interesting how Klopp goes about this game, with Carlo Ancelloti as the new manager of the bitter rivals.
Exciting prospect to see, Minamino, will definitely cover him after he’s in the first team but for now will keep it till here.

I’m trying my utmost best to fit the right words to explain but it just is so difficult.
It’s staggering that Liverpool at Anfield have (41 wins, 10 draws).
The last time they lost at Anfield was against Crystal Palace in April 2017.
In the champions league, they have had problems in the group stages last season as well as this season.
Group stages became a do or die situation for Liverpool but once in the knockout stages, Klopp has never lost a 2 legged tie in European Competition with Liverpool.
So, there’s the reason to why clubs in Europe don’t want to face Liverpool because they are a nightmare that keeps on making records one by one.

This is a special team with half season done and half still to play, its unimaginable what Klopp has done to Liverpool and its supporters.
He epitomizes what Liverpool always was and has been.
Some call him as “Shankly & Paisley Reincarnated”.
They must be ecstatic and overjoyed with tears in their eyes looking down from up there in the skies, relieved that their beloved club is now in the hands of the rightful heir. Going off singing, “You’ll Never Walk Alone” and feeling proud because he has brought back the sleeping giants back to their throne.
It only fits right, all will be cremated by the end of the season in May, and hopefully we will be witnessing it.