Where do I start with Mohammad Salah?
Yes, that’s right he runs down the wings, run havoc to defenses & score goals.
After his debut season, he was called a “One Season Wonder” by many because he scored 32 goals in 36 premier league appearances & 44 goals overall in all competitions.

To be honest, he surpassed expectations by scoring that many but it is how Liverpool plays.
Good players or any decent forward will score goals at Liverpool under Klopp.
But Salah showed he wasn’t just good but excellent yet people still had to talk nonsense.
Many of us have been watching football for a long time & even we know which player, the way he plays & carries upon in the game- looks like a one season wonder or someone to stay.

“My best calls which I made, many of my friends & fellow supporters know this, was on Payet & Kane.
I called Payet, a legit one season wonder when people called him the real thing.
And I opposed everyone saying Kane was a one season wonder.
I stated he is the real thing & will continue to perform.”

The rest you all know how it unfolded.

Mohammad Salah’s debut season, that particular Liverpool were a high scoring team, the game style was different than today.
Even though Liverpool is still a high scoring team but not like that team.
It was an erratic side defensively & had less control & management.
Liverpool used to play a 90 minute blitz.
It was less pragmatic & less refined.

Mohammad Salah won the Golden Boot in his debut season in the league, helped reached Liverpool in the Champions League final against Madrid but suffered a heart-break with an early injury.
Liverpool lost that final of 2018.

Come new season (his 2nd season), there were talks whether he could replicate his form of last season.
Well, he started off slow, he was still feeling the injury he got in the final.
Media went on to make stories, rivals took their shot at him (trolling, etc).
And yet even after starting slow, after taking his time of getting back to his pace & rhythm of the team.
The sync with his partners in Mane & Firmino he went on to score 22 goals in 38 games.
Winning another Golden Boot shared with Sadio Mane!

Mohammad Salah helped Liverpool reach another Champions League Final in Madrid where he scored in the final in 2019.
And finally after the heart-break, he got his prize.
Brought back the trophy to Liverpool!

The current season was dubbed as his okay season in regards to his standards.
He was no way near in the league’s top scorers.
In fact no Liverpool front 3 were in the top 6.
But who cares? We certainly didn’t.
Liverpool is a team not based on individuals or only on its front 3.
It’s a much more refined outlet now, where everyone contributes.
Everyone in Liverpool’s first team squad has scored goals; Alisson & Gomez who haven’t.
Alisson has had an assist too.

And yet for an okay season by many.
Mohammad Salah has been directly involved in 20 goals this season in premier league.
He has scored 11 goals at home more than any other player in Europe’s top 5 leagues.
Overall 43 goals at home, only Messi (51) & Lewandowski (44) has more.
To make it even better, just read this staggering record.

Mohamed Salah has now been directly involved in 92 Premier League goals for Liverpool:

96 games
68 goals
24 assists

He has surpassed Luis Suarez & Fernando Torres goals record for Liverpool in lesser games too.
Salah, Mane & Firmino are their own players & influential in their own way.
They started this season slow but they are the deadliest in Europe.
It is not always about the goals.
They make each other better & their contributions have made Liverpool what they are.
Champions of Europe & the World.
Soon to be of England as well just 6 wins away!
Mohammad Salah after his brace against Southampton now is 3rd in the scoring chart.
14 goals in 25 games.
For the ones who were losing it & trying to make fun of Liverpool’s front 3 over that.
My direction towards the red half of Manchester, comparing a World Class trio with some okay bunch of kids.

Mohammad Salah can be selfish, true.
I have criticized him for that, true.
But he accepts his mistake & makes up for it.
His selfishness at Wolves was rectified by him in a match against West Ham.
The same happened against Southampton, even though he couldn’t get an assist, he did his all to set his teammates.
He can be selfish because he’s a prolific goal-scorer & he can afford to do it because he’s been given the licence to.
Also he knows, his team-mates can be relied upon & someone will score, if not him!

It shows his character of knowing where he did wrong.
Great personalities have the ability to learn from their mistakes so that they apply what they’ve learned.
Self-assessing & self-critical before anything else.
Mohammad Salah is absolutely WORLD CLASS, the fact that teams tightly mark him with 2-3 players around him shows.
And still he does what he does best.
This is also the reason why there has been a shift in his playing style & role at Liverpool.
So is the case with his much more muscular physique.

“Mo Salah, Mo Salah running down the wings.”
Liverpool’s own, the Egyptian King.