Pep Guardiola and his style of play was questioned to not work in England.
In his first season, it definitely didn’t work but the next two, he delivered back to back league titles, along with the first ever domestic treble.
Pep Guardiola’s system of tiki-taka did conquer England and he assembled one of the greatest side in Premier League’s history.
Guardiola without a shadow of a doubt is one of the best managers in the world, his the then assistant manager Arteta is now the manager of Arsenal F.C.
It just shows how good is he.
Pep’s Manchester City  hasn’t been the same this season, they sit 3rd behind Leicester City after 21 games and 11 points behind Liverpool who play tonight with a game in hand.
Manchester City won 2-1 last night against Ancelloti’s Everton.

Pep Guardiola: Tiki-Taka football in England..

Pep Guardiola came into English football on 1st February 2016 with a challenge and his goal set on the trophies.
The most he badly wanted was the Champions League that has kept eluding him since he left Barcelona F.C.
Manchester City too want it more than anything else and rightfully so with the money spent and squad possessed.
There’s always the pressure to achieve at least the final.
Not to much prevail, it still seems far away from him at Manchester City but it isn’t all in vain as he did achieve one of the greatest side ever to grace the premier league along with his nemesis, friend & rival Klopp’s Liverpool.

Pep Guardiola came into England and suffered in his first season, the suffering wasn’t as bad as finishing below top 4 but in terms of expectations from him of hitting the ground running.
This wasn’t the case because he needed time to settle his squad and drive his philosophy in, to set. His first season (2016-17) at Manchester City proved difficult one as City went trophy-less, and it was the first time for him to be so as well.
This didn’t stop him as he used it as a drive and motivation to learn and improve.
The style of play in England was totally different, it was fast, intense, direct and every team was tactically sound along with the added amount of matches in festive periods.
He himself accepted that it is difficult in England but this didn’t stop him.

This is what I love about people who seek greatness or to do better, the ability to learn at every turn, at every moment of their lives to improve themselves and to do better.
He took a lot of criticism on his chin after his first season and came back in the second better than ever. Boy, he came back hard and stronger than ever.
It’s true, he spent significant amounts of money on the players he wanted to play the style he plays but that is how transfers work these days, in order to win trophies you have to spend.
Even though I completely dislike the way City spends and Pep too, I won’t deny his qualities as a manager and the way his teams play.
Pep Guardiola, indeed, is one of the best managers in the world.

Pep Guardiola; Response after tough Debut Season…

In his second season, Pep Guardiola’s team and players were set. Eyes on the prize, philosophy and the system set.
He assembled a team that just wouldn’t lose. A team which plays beautiful tiki-taka system and scores for fun.
A team which goes on unbelievable winning streaks and always score. Breath taking and beautiful football.
He won City the league title by blowing past teams like they weren’t even playing football and he ended up with the points tally of 100 points, record broken.
He didn’t stop there, the new season of 2018-19 started, proved to be difficult one ever because his nemesis was ready to challenge him.
Last season turned out to be one of the greatest, if not the greatest title run in history of the premier league.
These 2 teams battled out each other to their limits, City and L.F.C.
These teams pushed each other to their limits till the end of the season with Pep’s City edging out on the league just by a point tally of 98 to L.F.C’s 97.
Along with that Pep won all the domestic trophies in FA Cup and the League Cup.

Pep’s team in 18-19 season looked down and out as L.F.C took a huge lead over them but one thing we have seen from a City team is that they are capable of going on unbeaten runs of 15 or so games.
This is exactly how they turned around their gap to eventually win it in the end.
Pep delivered back to back titles with the domestic treble for the time in English football!
He admitted that this was the toughest title race he has ever been in, in his life by far.

Mastery in Tactics..

Pep Guardiola is a product of Barcelona C.F and it is the club that made him who he is. His style of play, the way his teams play is beautiful and something to behold.
Pep Guardiola is an attacking manager who prefers to play tiki-taka and off the ball pressing rule of six seconds to retain the ball.
He prefers a 4-3-3 line up and at times plays with a back 3.
The system he plays require players with the technical ability of close control, short passing and patience.
He loves to build from the back and thus requires defenders along with the keeper to have the ability of passing accurately. His teams also possess deep counter attacking threats along with the ability of pinging long balls forward from his sweeper keeper against teams who press high aggressively.
However, he employs his teams in a system where there’s wing rotation and a lot of wing play with his wingers staying far out wide and not narrow.
When his wingers stick far out wide, at times we see his fullbacks  inverted.
We often see his team playing this scenario to put low crosses in.
The way he sets the system is to drain and frustrate the opposition by not giving them the ball at all.
Guardiola’s teams always have possession in every game above 50%.
Put it this way that Guardiola team will always have more possession than any other team.
That is a stat which is mind blowing.

One thing for which Guardiola’s teams are criticized is for “Tactical Fouling”.
Manchester City do a lot of tactical fouling and they are rightly criticized for it.
To simply define it, tactical fouling means to foul the opponent to stop the play, once possession is lost in order to settle down your defense.
It is to regain your shape because Manchester City play very elaborately, a high line with a lot of bodies committed forward.
So, they are always badly open for counters and they are exploited immensely on counters.

Pep Guardiola; a position he has never been in..

Now to come to a close, even though this season (2019-2020), City looks down and out of the title.
Because Liverpool have been unstoppable, taking everyone to the cleaners, there’s still a lot to play.
Pep Guardiola is in a position he has never been in, too many losses by December in the league.
He is being outplayed and outclassed along with securing an all-time low possession of 37.4% in Guardiola’s managerial history against Wolves.
It proves that he is once again being tested and this time tougher than ever.
His team isn’t showing the fight in them along with the demand for a Champions League now more than ever with Real Madrid C.F waiting in the knockouts.
This is what makes great managers, great.
These positions show us their mentality.
We have seen that in Klopp after his losses in CL finals and other finals, and now it is over to Pep.

But with all being said and done, there is no denying that Pep is one of the greatest manager around.
To achieve what he achieved is there for all to see.
A humble respectable man with desire and hunger to win it all. To do it by his way and always learning to improve.
Pep Guardiola is an inspiration for us all to do great and envision big.