After Liverpool’s recent unraveling especially in the FA Cup & Champions League, made us see that we still need quality, regardless of how much of a great season we’ve had & it is also necessary to maintain that level of dominance & keep going to get trophies.
Clearing out is imminent in the summer, most of the faces will & should depart.
Liverpool came in latter part of the season from having the opportunity to end up with 3 trophies to just one (PL Title- which is huge after 30 years but still).
With the injury to Henderson, it made us ponder very thoroughly on how much of a miss he was, the driving force of that midfield, someone who arguably is the best midfielder in the world. Without Jordan Henderson, our midfield became extremely passive, static & lackluster.
Our midfield is pragmatic, no denying that & has worked extremely well but when our fullbacks are nullified or aren’t at their best, we get in loads of trouble because our goal creation drops down badly.
The midfield doesn’t have that ability of creating & scoring goals regularly, Henderson provides that push.
We have 2 attacking midfielders in Ox & Keita but the problem is, Ox is inconsistent- even though he is really good, whereas Keita, not even close to being relied upon because he’s too injury prone- 2 years already in Liverpool & barely gets fit & starts.

Recent results showed us that we may have the depth but we lack quality more precisely, consistency among our bench, for the level we play at & the things we are achieving & want to achieve. There’s always room for improvement & we badly need them sorted.
Injuries may occur during the season & gamble isn’t the option in crucial moments, we clearly saw Henderson getting injured completely derailed our midfield, and barely anyone stepped up.

Shaqiri has been injured for a long time, Origi hasn’t delivered at all, Lallana does an okay job but isn’t a game changer, no.2 goalkeeper Adrian is a mess & not someone to play at the level we play at, Ox is good but needs to improve, which he will. Keita cannot be relied upon at all.
Minamino is still adapting, he’s new.
Fabinho is a proper DM whereas Wijnaldum is more of a covering midfielder. Only Henderson is more of an all-round driving force in the midfield.
So, who do we need to sign with the utmost priority?

Liverpool; solution in Werner & Havertz..

These two go out of their ways to drive the engine of Liverpool.

With that what I stated above, this has directly put pressure on Firmino, the reason why his goals have dried & we see him not being able to enjoy the game like he used to, Klopp knows it & so do we.
He’s exceptional even now, Klopp calls him “the connector- the engine” of Liverpool’s system but he has been putting in 2 shifts in almost every game, especially when Henderson was out & even when Henderson plays. Firmino not only takes up the role of a false 9 but also as a midfielder to create chances for Liverpool.
Henderson, has that same pressure to do it all alone in the midfield, being everywhere.

Werner & Havertz are the two players actually, who could bring extreme quality & at the same time ease of some of the pressure on the two talisman of Liverpool.
Havertz, yeah, the price tag, €130m is way too much for a 20 y/o but it doesn’t matter anymore, since it has become a dire need for Liverpool to get a really good all-round midfielder, and Havertz at an age he is, can be exceptional under a manager like Klopp- also he can be the ideal understudy to Jordan Henderson, he can play alongside him & Fabinho.
Also, there’s no midfielder currently available which could fit Liverpool & an all-round one, at that.
One, not only for the future but also the present.
He has creativity & goals in him & can play anywhere in the midfield with ease.

On the other hand, Timo Werner, I mean this German Ace, is the perfect fit for Klopp’s system.
Every data & stats about him & his style of play fits perfectly with Liverpool.
I’ve talked so many times about him as another Firmino but more inclined towards goal-scoring, no denying he makes assists for fun too.
Can play as a false 9, LW-RW and or primarily just as a striker.

Chelsea, recently has dropped their interest in him because they think he’ll only go to Liverpool.
And the more the window approaches, I don’t see him anywhere other than at Liverpool, especially at a bargain price of 50 odd million euros.

These 2 make the perfect solution for further bolstering the squad in midfield & attack- be that currently or in longer run, Liverpool have to fight on all fronts, come next season & injuries may happen along with AFCON duties for Mane & Salah, the need has become more potent.

A need for a no.2 goalkeeper & a defender..

Adrian is someone Klopp will definitely look to replace, in fact he has to go, for sure, he isn’t really capable to be no.2 at LFC & so is Lovren, who has to be sold, now for sure. A defender who has been playing as a professional for ages now, still cannot defend properly & only mouths big words, I’m sorry if I sound rude, I just really don’t like people who talk big but amount to nothing practically.

In comes, these two, linked with Liverpool, reports suggest Liverpool have been keeping a close eye on Trabzonspor- 23 y/o no.1, Uğurcan Çakır as a backup to Alisson, roughly available for €20m.
And then, center back Diego Carlos of Sevilla, who is identified as potential target with reports claiming he didn’t opt for a move in January despite having talks- a move in the summer was preferred by him.

From the looks of it, both are good players & with Lovren & Adrian need to be let go of, these two would come straight in.
Liverpool do need an extra defender.
Fullbacks position for Liverpool are fitted well with back-ups in Neco Williams & Larouci, who are likely to be integrated, if need be + Milner & Gomez can fit in LB & RB positions, if necessary.

It’s all just speculation but there’s no denying we need a CB & a GK, promptly before the new season starts.
Rumours about Sancho & Leon Bailey are on but I really don’t think we’d go for either one, because it doesn’t make sense & none would come to warm the bench especially along with their respective price tags.
You all pretty much know well enough that without Mane or Salah (injury or AFCON duty) we could still function well with Werner-Firmino-Minamino and even Havertz.