There were a lot of talks ongoing last day about whether what decision does the premier league come up with regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, since, many of the European Leagues had been suspended which included La Liga. Ligue 1, Bundesliga & Serie A. etc.
Serie A was the first among all the Europe top 5 leagues to suspend their league till April, after many of the players including Juventus defender Rugani being tested positive, the games were already being played behind closed doors.
Things in Italy had gotten worst with COVID-19, many of the matches in different leagues & in Champions league were played behind closed doors, apart from in England.
Last evening, news broke about premier league continuing their matches as scheduled with open stadiums, there was an outrage to this news, since, even though UK has not been seriously hit by COVID-19, doesn’t mean safety & precautions are not to be taken, especially when Brendan Rodgers of Leicester City had openly talked about (2 days ago), specifically, about 3 of his players had gone into self-isolation after showing symptoms of COVID-19.

Even after this the premier league released that statement of continuing on, it was shocking to know about it.
Manchester City later on came forward, yesterday, about Benjamin Mendy going into self-isolation for showing symptoms of COVID-19.
The premier league clubs had already started to take precautions before the premier league even thought about taking any actions, and later on Arsenal released a statement about their manager Mikel Arteta, testing positive to COVID-19.
Matters started to take a roll and Chelsea’s Callum Hudson-Odoi was tested positive for COVID-19.

(Arteta & Callum Hudson Odoi along with Mendy are doing fine, including Leicester players).

This is probably when, the hierarchy of the premier league woke up along with FA and EFL to shut down the leagues till April.

All the premier clubs & their training facilities have been shut down & necessary precautions are being taken, in fact many clubs have decided to use this difficult time to help & give back the community by donating meals as charity to fight poverty & to continue paying for their ground staff till whenever the league matches continue.
My respect to these classy clubs; ManCity, Newcastle, Spurs, Brighton, etc.

My wishes & prayers are with everyone going through this hellish ordeal in every part of the world, families who have lost their loved ones & families who are going through this, stay strong, prayers are with you, have faith.
Please don’t take this lightly, keep washing your hands & face, avoid going out into crowded places, wear face-masks, use sanitizers & do as the doctors/experts have advised.
Let’s unite & fight this together.

Premier League Title to be given to Liverpool or the season to be completely scraped??

Now, with the news breaking about premier league being suspended till April 3rd, hours later came plethora of news about the league title, with clubs such as West Ham & Spurs, out of the other 18 clubs of the premier, talked about completely scraping the league (meaning no league title for Liverpool & all the results to be scraped off) to start a new season whenever the threat is nullified of the COVID-19.
There was all sorts of confusion & talks about play-offs or handing Liverpool the title or commencing the league from whenever it is possible because it, realistically, with the way things are, can take months to contain & get rid of the virus, speculation about as much as till September 2020 to completely be safe & secured.

Even if that is the case, the idea of scraping the league has been completely debunked, and that is never going to happen, because it’s idiotic & let me tell you why?
Logically, the league is in its climax, Liverpool are already 25 points ahead of ManCity and only needed 2 wins to win it, all of the clubs have already played half of the matches & it was confirmed by James Pearce of the The Athletic on his twitter, that if the league match between Liverpool vs Mancity takes place in April, if Liverpool win, they will be Champions of England. Even telegraph reported on the story of no denying the title to Liverpool amidst the suspension of the premier league.
Now, even if you look at the rules of the premier league, there aren’t rules related to this problem but many theories suggest, if more than half the games are played and the leader is way ahead than its counter-parts than they will be crowned Champions.

And to be honest, that makes sense more than the gibberish about the league being null or void.
Official news, is still far from now and everything will be clearer but for the time being the focus is on health & protecting lives.
Liverpool among many released statements about backing the suspension as it is more important than playing football, it is about saving lives & even one life is saved than it is far greater than anything else.
Football is more than just a game & it is a way of life connecting everyone globally, Jurgen Klopp released a heartfelt statement to the supporters of Liverpool and it was beautiful.

In the end, I would like say one thing, once again & that is to take care of yourself & your health as well as others around you, health is wealth & know your responsibility not only to yourself but also to the society.
Please, pray for each other & help each other within your capabilities.

You’ll Never Walk Alone