The mighty reds of Liverpool, finally got the win they needed, after three consecutive defeats in UCL, PL & FA Cup. It all came as shocks but it happens. I talked about Bournemouth’s trip to Anfield could just be the key for the reds to get back to winning ways & that is what happened, even though it wasn’t convincing but got the 3 points & after a while my prediction went spot on.
A 2-1 win for Liverpool with goals from Callum Wilson, Mo Salah & the winner from Sadio Mane which could have been equalized only for the brilliance of the veteran James Milner, who made a crucial goal line clearance off of Fraser’s chip over Adrian. 

This win sets the lead of 25 points up top, with Manchester City falling prey to Manchester United, last night.
Anfield, as always, stood tall & now the record of unbeaten at Anfield stretches to 54 games, and a new record in the English top flight history was set by the mighty reds of 22 consecutive wins at Anfield (Feb 2019- to date), beating their own previous record of 21 (Jan-Dec, 1972).
Fortress Anfield, for a reason.
Now, Jurgen Klopp & his men wait for Atletico Madrid to come to Anfield on Wednesday night in the Champions League 2nd leg tie where Liverpool is a goal down.

A review of the reds win..

The win against Bournemouth was not as convincing as it could have been for Liverpool but considering every aspect & the results Liverpool has been coming from, it’s a good win.
Bournemouth fought hard & started really well & got the goal in the opening 10 minutes, Liverpool recently have been defensively fragile & seem very nervy, because every time the opposition moves forward, it feels as if they may end up scoring, and it has been happening quite often.
The defense has been lacking that composure & the confidence at times.
This win, would give a good boost in confidence & with the way Milner saved the team with his determination & focus of continuing his run and anticipation of Fraser’s chip on Adrian to clear the ball of the line, is actually the best example to feed off from for the rest of the defense & gain their confidence back.
And to add further on, Henderson’s back in full training which means the Captain will be in contention for the match against Atletico.

The goal line clearance by Milner was in the 62nd minute of the match, had it gone in, things could have gotten a lot different & difficult.
A leader, indeed, and Milner started the game in the left back position with Robertson not fit.
Bournemouth did lose but always kept Liverpool in their reach & pressured & tested Liverpool’s defense a lot, especially in set pieces, they did come close to scoring a goal, as well.
Plenty of positives for them, they put up a good stand against Liverpool at Anfield, considering they are already under so much pressure of relegation.

Liverpool, on the other hand, did have more possession and shots which was expected, the game was controlled but with the recent results, small moments by the oppositions tend to kick in nervousness.
Sadio Mane hit the post from 25 yards with a beautiful curling shot from the left wing, it was near perfection with the ball hitting the top right corner post of the goal.
The reds should have won the game 3-1 in added time but Firmino blasted the ball wide after Salah’s cut in pass to him. Realistically, the game should have been buried but it didn’t.

Firmino’s wait for the goal at Anfield still continues on but 2 of the front three did get their goals. Much needed ones, too.

A relief, boost in confidence ahead of Atletico & This is Anfield..

This win against relegation fighting Bournemouth is significant in more ways than one, it is really huge.
Jurgen Klopp’s men needed some breather & a win to gain back their confidence because their performances plummeted very badly & no one expected that. The way this team has played & the records it has achieved, the losses and the way those occurred were absolutely shocking. It’s become rare to never seeing Liverpool lose under Klopp in these 2 years.
The game at Anfield, came at the right time, and Anfield triggered the lost spark within the mentality monsters.
Not only did they look better and energetic but also the front 2 talisman scored the goals.
Henderson coming back to training and in contention to start in midweek is another vital confidence booster for the reds as he has become the pivotal driving force for Liverpool & arguably the best midfielder in the world for his work ethic, leadership & ability to not only create but also work as the sweeping midfielder all over.
A complete transformation of him as an all-round midfielder.

Liverpool’s win brought relief & now that the league is further more accomplished in the hands of the reds, just two more wins away mathematically, the attention & focus is set towards the Champions League in midweek with the league settled.
A moment of do or die, that too at a place like Anfield.
Atletico are pretty confident, they should be, they performed well in the first leg, secured the win & didn’t let Liverpool do anything but only shot their confidence down which stayed fragile and Jurgen Klopp’s team continued to suffer until the win against Bournemouth.
Liverpool is without Alisson & are right now, defensively very fragile but with that being said Atletico are taking Anfield and its power very lightly.
There’s a reason why the sign board says, “This is Anfield”, many have tried to talk Anfield down before the match & ended up getting thumped.
Atletico has the same outlook towards Anfield, they are still living in the times when they visited it long ago, especially when Liverpool was broken.
Now it isn’t the same, for a very long time.
We know what they’ll try to do, the lads know it & Klopp knows it more than us, but they have Anfield behind them & make no mistake it’s going to succumb them into a realm of unknown, they talked about Wanda but they’ll witness Anfield like never before.
The reds have the Barcelona game etched in their memories, what they achieved is second to none but only second to the “Miracle of Istanbul”.
Anfield is Anfield, and everyone knows that, those who don’t witness it, always soon witness it in ways they cannot even imagine, Anfield make their jaws drop.
The reds are ready to fight after enduring the suffering of getting beat by Atletico, Watford & knocking out of FA Cup by Chelsea and Anfield awaits more impatiently to produce another magical night, even more pumped after Atletico’s outlook and bold statements.