Jordan Henderson has established himself as one of the world’s best all-round midfielder and there’s none like him right now in the world of football. Many football pundits say that he is the best midfielder in the world and the best captain in the premier league.
Now, with that being said Henderson isn’t just a Captain for Liverpool but he has become a true leader of men, who leads from the front.
The improvement we have seen in Jordan Henderson over the years is unlike any I’ve ever seen in a footballer- from being an average to being world class or world’s best.
Bobby Firmino is stated to be Liverpool’s connector for attack, the engine for transitions, and mastermind for Liverpool’s system but Henderson is the driving force of the whole team, a force that makes the team moves. A role model and a leader who is vocal and always running things on the field and he does so by leading from the front, the first to jump start moments and the first to put in effort, always keeping an eye and always giving his piece of mind to his teammates, this is precisely the reason why he is called the on-field assistant manager of Jurgen Klopp.

The contribution of Jordan Henderson to Jurgen Klopp’s team is his and his alone, there’s none like him, without Henderson you see the energy and drive missing from the system and the team as a whole, he’s a player who plays through pain barriers, if need be and still hands out an A game, if not A+. It is rare to see Henderson having a poor game, really, especially when you consider the aspects of him being deployed in different positions, now and then.
We see many top midfielders in the world right now De Bruyne, B. Silva, Silva, Kante, Modric, Kroos, Fabinho, Fernandinho, etc. these midfielders are absolutely world class in their own ways- in their own specialized positions/roles and Henderson just edges them out. Why?
It is simple, Henderson does what they don’t and at different roles on the field.

Jordan Henderson has been deployed as a RB, a CB, a LB, a deep anchoring midfielder (during Fabinho’s injury), an attacking outlet as a CAM, more on the RCM position, a Box to Box midfielder and he continuously presses and tracks back.
The positional changes during on-going games- he creates goals, scores and most importantly his pass distribution is top notch, he builds it all up in the midfield.

The esteemed top midfielders, I mentioned above are absolutely world class but they are specialists in certain departments- De Bruyne is a CM or CAM, more potent to creating and scoring but lacks the defensive prowess, you won’t see him tracking back- sliding in for tackles, etc. and on top of that we have seen him struggle when he was played out of position, as a 2nd in behind striker to Aguero in a 4-4-2 lineup.
Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m trying to clarify what I meant when I said “specialists in their own positions/roles”, they are top quality world class midfielders but they aren’t leaders and aren’t pragmatic. They lack versatility like Henderson, and the example I provided about De Bruyne was to give a better understanding.

Jordan Henderson is the orchestrator for Liverpool and Klopp’s system, a kinetic energy who leads from the front and is respected in the dressing room. He led his men to Champions League, Super Cup, Club World Cup and now on towards the 19th Premier League Title.
A complete midfielder who gets the job done wherever you play him or whatever role you provide him, and that’s the best part because he gets in any role and does it in a world class manner and that is why he definitely should be the contender for Ballon d’Or.