There is literally so much going on in the premier league table from the 4th spot downwards, a continuous back & forth of positional changes by teams, depending on their results.

Chelsea’s win over Spurs last night, helped them gain a 4 point distance over Spurs with 44 points & the draw by Sheffield against Brighton made them miss the chance to overtake Spurs.
Sheffield is now level in points with Spurs on 6th.

Manchester United (38 pts), Wolves (36), Everton (36 pts) & Arsenal (34 pts), all play today.
What’s interesting is that Everton will play Arsenal tonight, and a win is needed by the both of them to push higher and try break into the top 6.

Top 4 spot still open for the taking..

A week or so ago, the 4th spot occupied by Chelsea felt like nobody actually wanted it because the teams who are near it kept dropping points including Chelsea, itself.
Leicester City, even though dropped points, sit comfy with a 6 points lead over Chelsea at 3rd and to be frank, I don’t see them dropping to 4th with the level of inconsistency Chelsea has.
Leicester do have some big matches but they come at a later time after the games where Leicester could pick up enough points.
Chelsea still has, tough games in Champions League, along with FA Cup 5th round against Liverpool, in the mix.

Chelsea, somehow week after week has been fending off teams from taking their crucial 4th spot. Some were really close calls & luck that saved them with teams in contention, dropping points.
Credit to Chelsea for coming up goods under-pressure when they need to step it up, their closest rivals were Spurs & Sheffield, they defeated Spurs & Sheffield dropped points.
A great day for Chelsea but it doesn’t stop here.

Lampard knows that his team needs to continue on picking up point to bridge a gap and have an opportunity to take the 3rd spot.
The other teams below them know with 11 games to go, the Champions League spot is still up for grabs.
The 4th spot isn’t secured like how it should have been with many opportunities Chelsea had to secure it, during the crunch moments of the season.

So, now as things stand, a win for United against Watford would take them easily at 5th with 41 points, that’s 3 points behind Chelsea.
It will be a 1 point lead over Spurs & Sheffield.
As tight as it can get.
The fun doesn’t stop here, fun for us neutrals, for the teams, a real mess.
A win for Wolves against Norwich would place them 8th with 39 points.

Burnley, after their win against Bournemouth last night sit in with 37 points, huge credit to them for sitting in the top half.
They have been doing brilliant.

Now with that, as tight as it can get, welcome Arsenal vs Everton in couple of hours.
A must win game for the both to determine their position in the table.
Both in good form going into this game, it will not be easy for Arsenal even though they are at home, its Don Carlo’s Everton.

A win for Everton would be very huge for them, a real good morale boost in many ways. If they win this they will slot in with 39 points with Wolves.
The point’s gap will be decreased.
The table is more about the points than positions.

To give it a picture, a clean one:

Chelsea 44 points
Manchester United* 41 points
Spurs 40 points
Sheffield United 40 points
Wolves* 39 points
Everton* 39 points
Burnley 37 points.

(“*” determine the teams if they win & their points)

A win for Arsenal would bring them level on points with Burnley, more like this:

Chelsea 44 points
Manchester United* 41 points
Spurs 40 points
Sheffield United 40 points
Wolves* 39 points
Arsenal* 37 points
Burnley 37 points

Either way you look, there will be a lot of positional changes & extreme pressure being put on for the race till the end.
United is leading Watford by a goal & Wolves is 2-0 up against Norwich at Half Time.
If the teams, who have the opportunities today, to create a move for the end, drop it then it will become difficult for them to reach their objective.
But it’s not looking to be one of those days.
A win for Everton puts them in a much better position than Arsenal but it remains to be seen.


Premier League is about this, getting the points, dropping none, not now & not anymore.
It is for every team, the closing moments of the season with 11 games to go, mid or lower table.
The way things are going it is going to be one hell of a top 4 race and I really cannot predict who will finish it there in the 3rd & 4th spot.
I haven’t said Leicester has their spot secured at 3rd but their gap with the teams below Chelsea is bigger, so the focus I’ve put is entirely on the 4th spot.
Chelsea can topple them for the 3rd but they need to win every game which won’t happen, I don’t see it happening.
Leicester too will drop points but I can see them maintaining their 3rd spot unless they completely break down.

So, in my humble opinion I can see Sheffield dropping, as much as I like them, I don’t think they’ll be able to stick in the top 6, because they will play everyone in that bracket; United, Spurs, Wolves, Chelsea, and Leicester.

But if I had to choose and predict who will complete the top 4, I cannot do that right now. It’s too difficult to call, and so I’ll just watch for now.
Respect to all the teams for their efforts & fights for points under so much pressure.