Timo Werner to Liverpool is a never ending saga and even though I’m pretty sure he’s going to be a Liverpool player, there’s still no surety of “when?”
There have been countless reports but the ones that are the most reliable one is from The Athletic. There’s also some serious talk about Timo Werner willing to wait for one season for Liverpool to get him next season, a deal similar to that of Naby Keita.
Liverpool do want him as stated by correspondents close to LFC. (Melissa Reddy & James Pearce).
There’s another report on Liverpool to fund Werner (£51m) deal by sales in the summer.
It will be interesting to see, especially when the affection from both ends is public.

Timo Werner will make Liverpool even more deadly..

I’ve previously talked about Werner being a hybrid like our Bobby Firmino but he’s more inclined to goal scoring.
He, not only, comes deep for the ball but primarily prefers to drift wide on the left flank and cut in- in many games he has started as a LW, quick pacy and able to take on different positions up top.

If you look at his stats- he sits in second in Bundesliga, behind Lewandowski. It is to be noted, Werner hasn’t hit his peak and is only 24 whereas Lewandowski is already one of the greatest strikers and much senior player.
Timo Werner, currently has 334 1vs1 Index to Lewa’s 345, there’s no comparison between the 2- both different players but Lewa is the benchmark and there hasn’t been a deadly striker in Bundesliga other than Lewandowski until Timo Werner, maybe 5 goals short but trumps when it comes to assists over Lewa and playmaking.
You can try head to head of both if you want to ?!

21 goals (47 shots on target) in 26 games with 7 assists- not so bad is it, especially with that kind of conversation rate?
And on top of that he brings you the press and tracking back ability (9 aerial dual won & 43 tackles made).
An engine of Julian Naggelsmann side- known to play quick direct counter-attacking football.
Timo Werner has been the monumental figure for RB Leipzig- their best performer and star player, he makes his team click, and it is because of him his team scores goals and is enjoying a good run in the Champions League and are one of the title contenders for the Bundesliga title.
A really good passer of the ball with 74% pass completion rate and 60% in the opponent’s box, a forward doing that has the tendency to create more often than not!
His play-making skills speak for themselves as he makes at least 34% dangerous passes out of which 1.28% leads to a goal with expected goal from a build-up ranges to 3.19%!

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that he’s a goal scoring Firmino and someone who will fit perfectly with Liverpool!
Especially when Firmino was basically a no.10- Werner at Liverpool will mean Firmino dropping back to a no.10 role just like the days when we had Coutinho with our front 3 but this time much better because Firmino is a complete package in all aspects.
We could probably see a more deadly Liverpool attack with 2 interchanging un-trackable players in Firmino and Werner.
Just imagine the goals and creations, lest we forget our Salah and Mane!