or do they? Well, to be quite frank no one really knows other than the people in the office.
Liverpool in recent years have immaculately disguised & strategised their transfer dealings.
The overall tactics have been changed and for the better.
This is why, Liverpool have been able to do such outstanding recruitments over the years without really a serious tug of war with other clubs.
Silently stealing & signing away the player wanted, long before other clubs could do anything about it.
So, where does this leave the ruthless goal-scorer Timo Werner to Liverpool?

Timo Werner, perfect fit for Liverpool..

Timo Werner, this season has found the net 25 times in 26 games in all competitions recording 10 Assists to his name.
Now that is a tally of a world class forward, someone who is extremely prolific in scoring goals but also in setting them up for the team.

What makes Timo Werner perfect for Liverpool & Klopp’s system?
You see, Timo Werner is not like every other no.9.
He’s more of a Firmino type of player only better in finishing or scoring because he’s an out & out striker where as Firmino has settled himself to be the hybrid of no.10 & no.9 with more inclination towards creating.

In simpler words, Timo Werner is a hybrid like Firmino with more inclination towards scoring.
Immense stamina, pressing, work rate (defensive too), more pacy and a clinical finisher.
He’s versatile.
The real asset Timo Werner has, as a striker is his ability to play different positions.
Also the ability to drift into different positions in the game just like Firmino.
He can play LW (has started games on LW), RW and CF.
He would have no trouble adapting to Gegenpressing & Liverpool’s system.

Werner at RB Leipzig never really plays in the position of a forward but drops deep in a false 9 position.
His inclination, however is more towards drifting wide, especially the left wing, which provides him to operate & cut in or cut outside to attack the defense line with his pace.
With him at Liverpool, the only tweak in the system would be playing Firmino as a hybrid no.10 and Werner as a hybrid no.9.

Just imagine that, in your minds.
I would leave for you to figure out the spaces and creativity there’d be for the 4 of them creating for each other & the no. of goals.

Liverpool has no plans to sign Timo Werner..

Timo Werner has been linked to Liverpool for quite some time now, 2 years approximately.
Klopp being said to be a huge admirer of the German ace who continues to get better & better every season.
The growth & development Werner has gone through at RB Leipzig  is simply fascinating.
To top it all of he’s just 23.
He’s far from hitting his peak yet.
Without a shadow of a doubt the best German forward right now & 2nd best striker in Bundesliga behind Lewandowski.
To clarify on that Firmino bit; He is World Class, Timo Werner is still on the way to be.
Totally different from Lewa but it would be wrong to compare them both.

The speculation about him since last week has grown immensely with Chelsea interested in signing him because Frank Lampard is in a dire need for a striker.
But the spark which ignited the whole story was when Bild (German Outlet) reported of Timo Werner’s preferred location is a move to Liverpool which bred another source El-Desmarque claiming Liverpool have had reached a pre-agreement with RB Leipzig for Werner.
Timo Werner’s release clause is £51m which is going to decrease year by year as it progresses.

It is reported any January move is very unlikely & the German ace will be moving away from RB Leipzig in the summer.

To settle it all down, my love Liverpool, like always settled it down.
Liverpool came out saying that they are not going to sign the German forward but will monitor his development.

Final Verdict

This is how Liverpool do their deals anymore.
This is not the first time, is it?
We have witnessed it in Van Dijk, Fabinho, Keita & Minamino, etc.
I believe from my own observation we’re really in for Timo Werner & we do have great terms with teams by RB.
Liverpool learned from their mistakes.
Now, we are barely ever in the transfer rumours like the old days, really.
And even if some news takes a high, Liverpool shuts it down.
Everybody really knows nothing and end up staying confused? Will they or won’t they or could they?
That’s the beauty of it.
There’s no drama or fuss but silence until it’s done.

Liverpool’s transfer dealings in the past were hampered badly with leaks, immense speculations & reports regarding different players who were & weren’t even close to being on Liverpool’s radar.
Almost every player was linked to Liverpool.
The players who Liverpool were in touch with garnered widespread attention from everywhere as well as rival clubs (Some being Willian, Hazard, Di Maria if you guys remember).

This all created a big fuss.
Which in return provided leverage to the employers & agents of the players wanting a big of chunk of cash.
The hype, over-valued the player with big clubs paying attention.
A outcome of tug of war with Liverpool coming up empty handed.

Now Liverpool is the one who is the director of the windmill.
Liverpool controls & guide whether to make others pay attention to certain player as decoy, take the attention off of the player they want.
Trying to forcing other club’s hands on a player who isn’t even Liverpool’s target.
The result is a quick deal done in that time-frame acquired.