Last night, we saw the most unlike Liverpool performance in the league, it was a horror show & we were rightly punished by a brilliant Watford side who ended our 44 games unbeaten streak as well as 18 consecutive wins streak.
With that being said, it is not the end of the world, it is true for us Liverpool supporters who barely see our team lose, losing hurts but it is alright!
I saw some supporters being very negative & I don’t mean critical but actually toxic, that’s not how it should be.
I’m damn proud of what the reds have been doing, and I’m proud of my team to go on such a run for a year, setting up & breaking records.
No team, in the recent history has achieved that & no team currently in Europe’s top 5 leagues, come close to the mighty reds.
Liverpool still our 22 points ahead in the league, this is the biggest margin ever by a side in English top flight’s history and also, never been done in top leagues in the world.

We have just lost one game, literally ONE GAME and that too last night!
The stature set by Jurgen Klopp & Liverpool speaks for itself, that rivals are absolutely celebrating our one loss like they have won the Champions League, more concerned about Liverpool’s loss than their own team’s misery.

The mighty reds achieved perfection, statistically, where no one is perfect in this world.
We didn’t play well & we lost, but these lads give everything every time, they step on to the field.
They will bounce back, stronger. This is the mentality of our gaffer & our players.
In fact, now they will be freer flowing knowing in the back of the minds that the streak is gone & the burden of not losing it is gone.
Learning from mistakes, rectifying them, got us to be the best.
Remember that thumping at away to Spurs, 4-1? What happened after that?
You all know pretty well.

So, be proud of this team, I’m a 26 y/o and I haven’t seen a Liverpool side like this in my time. In fact I haven’t seen a team like this, playing football like this in my life.
Winning everything, dominating every game, relentless game in game out & winning on comebacks regularly.
Playing insurmountable games and still standing at the top!


Mighty reds faltered but Watford were brilliant

Watford started the game on all cylinders and dominated the reds, going into half time. It was the first time, in ages, Liverpool didn’t get going and failed to even register a shot on target.
The reds looked rusty, slow and lacked that zest, urgency to control & dictate.
Watford, on the other hand, were on it. Credit to them, the way they played.
Created dangerous chances, defended well & went on some really good transitions & build ups, even after losing their star man in Gerard Deulofeu to a knee injury.
The reds did come playing better in the second half and finally forced Foster to make a save but it was Watford who took the lead.
The pushed forward, played from a throw in with Sarr capitalizing with a quick reaction to a low cross.
At 1-0, the game wasn’t still over but Liverpool didn’t really get going regardless of it.
There was still that sense of misplaced passing, passiveness and slow rhythm to the game.
You cannot do that against teams which are resolute and defend deep.
Watford were always settled and in their shape.
They didn’t press Liverpool at all, unless it was necessary. They were pretty intelligent, every Watford player did his job, excellently.
Liverpool didn’t pressure them much, there were few link-up plays & really it was all too bland.
No creativity or pressing of the sorts we see from Liverpool, regularly. Watford, on the other hand, were doing everything which the reds, do.
Fighting for every inch & space, for every 50/50 and created chances.

Sarr, was brilliant, no wonder why Watford paid their record fee for him & Nigel Pearson puts so much faith in him.
He doubled their lead from a through pass where Liverpool’s defense were kept napping.
Troy Deeney finished the game off with a cool finish on an open goal after a woeful back pass by TAA which was pounced by Watford.

Congratulations to Watford & Nigel Pearson for such an amazing, well deserved win. They truly deserved it.

Whereas to Dejan Lovren, he really needs to stop making “big statements” when, especially, we really don’t want to hear it. As supporters, we don’t make such statements & to be honest, we can, he shouldn’t.
In all fairness, no one should make “big statements”.
Instead for once, he should focus on his game and do better, because he’s the only weak-link in this side & hasn’t really improved at all, for all his time at Liverpool.
Last night, wow, I won’t get into him because I want to let it go & this team doesn’t deserve it.
They deserve nothing but praise for the records they made, the things they have achieved!

It is hard to take the defeat but we take it on the chin, be humble and let’s go again & do better.
The mighty reds will bounce back and what better way in midweek in the FA Cup 5th round against Chelsea!

We will still be CHAMPIONS by a huge margins!

Lastly, we are the Champions elect, it is just the matter of “when” & we will do it in the greatest of manner.
I’ve always talked about this one thing always, sometimes it’s good to lose to get better, sometimes in life, we fall down only to get up again better after learning & understanding. It is on us on how to react & choose what to do.

This loss for the mighty reds is a bump to even much greater things, I truly believe it.
They are already a great side, and we are still witnessing their stature & greatness but this isn’t just the end.

Would you rather have Liverpool be invincibles and then come next season start losing regularly to become mid-table & fall from grace?
I mean, if a team keeps winning then you don’t have to change much & or never resort to contingency plans, and this, let other teams figure you out, and other teams always figure it out.

I think, I’d rather take one odd loss, to help us improve even more and derive more plans, variations, to not let others figure us out & keep on racking up trophies, to be much greater than now.
You cannot learn, if you don’t make mistakes, and you cannot succeed if you don’t learn from your mistakes.
And life is all about learning, adapting & doing better from learning from mistakes.

We are Liverpool, we go again!
You’ll Never Walk Alone.