Inevitables? Unbearables? Invincibles?
The Mentality Monsters. The Aliens. The Relentless!
Call them anything from the above because all of them fits perfectly, the mighty redmen from merseyside.
This is the team that has everything in it, the passion, the belief, the attitude & that desire to win.
A team which occurs once in a decade or once in an era.

From 2-1 down at Anfield to securing 3-2 win and keeping their undefeated streak on, a winning streak on.
Wow, what a game!
This was an amazing game, credit to West Ham United for the way they played & showed their composure.
But the Redmen are something else entirely.

Liverpool have now accumulated 106 points from the last 108.

Equaled their own record 48 odd years ago of consecutive home wins (21 games).

Equaled another record of 18 consecutive wins in the premier league set by Manchester City.

2 All-time English records equaled, time to overtake them next.

A humongous 22 points lead at the top, never ever seen in English top flight history or anywhere else in the Europe’s top 5 leagues, 4 wins away for the earliest title win in March.
Jurgen Klopp’s reaction says it all!


Redmen relentlessness got them the hard win..

So, my prediction along with many who predicted an easy win, all went awry.
But then again, this is the premier league, we should never ever forget that.
It was completely unexpected with what unfolded.
Credit to West Ham, the way they played and the confidence they showed.
Liverpool did get the opening goal with a brilliant cross from TAA, headed in by Gini brilliantly but the lead lasted for barely 2 minutes as West Ham via a corner, equalized.

West Ham were brilliant on corners in the game.
The confidence & resoluteness began to take shape & they held a solid shape going into half time with a 1-1.
Second half, West Ham came out even better, their possession game took up a notch and they went on to take the lead.
It was a surprise in the 54th minute.
For a team fighting in the relegation, who was completely invisible against Manchester City at Etihad, gave the redmen a serious a blow.
West Ham were calm & composed in building up their 2nd goal.
Liverpool got a bit too easy maybe.
I haven’t seen a team from the bottom, playing that well against Liverpool at Anfield.

It was time for Liverpool to step up big time, to put on the screws & Anfield got loud.
The reds were attacking the KOP end & the KOP was riled up now, pushing on for the much needed equalizer, there was plenty of time for Liverpool to score the equalizer & the winner.
The game needed urgency from the redmen, putting pressure onto the resolute West Ham defense.
Ogbonna, by the way, was brilliant. I do have to mention that.

Jurgen Klopp had the arsenal to bring on from the bench, and he did that.
I was surprised to see Keita starting, I don’t see him ready as of yet to start & that is what happened.
He didn’t have a good game at all.
Keita had no impact in the game whatsoever, he was primarily started to provide the attacking threat against a low block team & he failed.
There were moments where he disappeared in the game.

On came Ox for Keita after West Ham’s goal, a substitution worth the impact.
The impact Ox had on the game was huge, the injection of pace & runs from the midfield in the midfield gave Liverpool a huge boost.

The substitution of Ox was detrimental for West Ham as he was the one who started the build up to the second goal for the reds.
It was his beautiful ball into the path of Robertson which led him to burst forward, setting up Salah on the edge of the box to score in 68th minute.
Even though it was a blunder by Fabianski to spill the ball into his goal.
We didn’t care. It happened because of the continuous pressure by Liverpool on West Ham.
Flooding in crosses, back to back corners & not letting them out, this was the reason for the capitulation of West Ham.
From then on the redmen were on it, looking for the winner, there was plenty of time to snatch all three points & this team is capable of doing anything within minutes.

Jurgen Klopp’s redmen, kept piling the pressure on & by then it had become only a matter of “when” will it be 3-2 by Liverpool.
A deflected shot from Gomez left the ball wandering into the right side of Fabianski’s final third, TAA didn’t gave up on it with Fabianski coming out to collect it, the decision was made, and TAA brilliantly hooked it into the middle of the goal, Firmino missed it as it was behind him but Super Mane buried it for the winner!
Fabianski was left nowhere and costed his team 1 or maybe 3 points.

This is football & it happens.
What a game, unbelievable!

Liverpool wanted the 4th goal and did get it through Mane but it was offside, Ox was again involved in its making.
West Ham, to their credit, didn’t give up. Antonio played a brilliant through ball to Bowen, who made a very crucial disguised run but up came the world class Alisson, coming off his line, one on one and denied West Ham the goal to draw.

In the end, Liverpool, the COMEBACK KINGS, did what they do best, WIN!


This game tonight, once again, showed everyone why Liverpool has a 22 point lead up top, why Liverpool is the best in the world right now.
Whoever still downplays this team to be not a GREAT side, is seriously bitter & lives in denial.
Normal teams, don’t do this, normal teams are never this consistent.
West Ham, deserve a lot of credit & respect for the way they played.
They were really good and in the second half, mostly, teams at Anfield vanish or fade away, in fact they got better when it came to their transitions & possession game.
They didn’t really look like a team who are 18th in the table.
A team under so much pressure played and scored twice against such a great side & that too at a fortress like Anfield.

If they put in performances like that in every game they play on from now till the end of the season, they may survive the relegation.

Jurgen Klopp’s redmen are special, I stopped picking out MOTM for this team but if I had to choose for tonight, I’d pick, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain for the impact he made in the game.