Last night the news broke about Manchester City being banned from the UEFA Champions League for 2 seasons.
Not only that, they were fined £25m.
The story doesn’t end here as they now also face further punishment of points deduction in the premier league.

The ban comes from the breach of UEFA’s Financial Fair Play rules.
Manchester City inflated their sponsorship accounts revenue between 2012-2016.
They also failed to co-operate with the investigation.
ManCity were fined £49m back in 2014 too for a breach of regulations.
From the looks of it City feel they have been hard-done by and will fight it.
They will submit an appeal in the Court of Arbitration for Sport, they have publicly stated that.

Magnitude of the ban for Manchester City?

Champions League is the trophy ManCity & Pep Guardiola desperately wanted.
The amount of money spent by the owners of ManCity is insurmountable to make them a big club.
They have succeeded in winning trophies but never ever gotten close to lifting Champions League.
In their entire history they have only one champions league semi-final.
This shows their lack of European pedigree & Elite level in the biggest club competition.
ManCity have done a lot & they still try to do everything possible to be respected as a Big Club.

But in all honesty they haven’t been able to earn the level of respect possessed by other big clubs.
Even though they have a world class squad & a world class manager, winning trophies yet they lack that emotion & passion.
It just feels soul-less & empty, unoriginal.
They Etihad Stadium lacks everything and mostly is empty which derived the name,”Emptyhad”.
Even Guardiola himself stated about the lack of passion, noise & the amount of empty seats.

In simple words, you just don’t feel the connection.
You just don’t care.
Even as a rival supporter because there’s no history.
It feels like ManCity always try to prove they’re an Elite club but they aren’t.

Don’t get me wrong they play brilliant football & win trophies.
One of the greatest team in premier league history but it doesn’t mean they’re at the Legendary or Elite status.
They are way way behind.
Now having said all that, this is a serious blow for a club doing everything they can to prove themselves.

What it means for Guardiola?

The trophy they badly want to be taken seriously all over Europe & yet they are banned from it now.
Signing Pep Guardiola was because of the champions league & winning it.
He joining City was to win Champions League.
It has has eluded him badly.
Guardiola has not been able to get near it after leaving Barcelona.
He failed in Germany & England.
Currently this season after the league is gone, their concentration is towards champions league.
But they face Real Madrid.

Say no matter what, ManCity knocking Madrid out will be an upset.
Teams with European competition history & traditions always do well in it.
That is the European Pedigree because the players know what it means down the line.
From their predecessors to them.
Pep Guardiola understands that which is why he always downplays journalists when they say other big clubs try to compete with them (Liverpool or Manchester United, etc).
In return he responds to the fact that we are competing with those big clubs, they aren’t.
That is the truth.

So the next two season without Champions league, it doesn’t really look good.
It will be damaging not only for ManCity because it not only cuts down the revenues but also a huge morale disaster.

The players at ManCity want Champions League.
There were talks about Guardiola walking away this season from ManCity.
The fingers pointed to Barcelona & that is his club.
But Guardiola decided to stay & honor his contract till 2021.
He also talked about the trust he has in ManCity’s hierarchy about they doing nothing wrong.
So, really what now?
If he leaves, what about the players who joined ManCity because of him?
This news already is a huge morale disaster for ManCity especially nearing a big match in Champions League.
It only remains to be seen.

Praise on the UEFA’s tough decision..

Its been a long time since UEFA did something about the crazy spending by both the P.S.G and ManCity.
To be honest in my opinion they ruined football by excessively paying over the top money to establish themselves.
The money spent by them is like water fall.
We, who follow English football saw ManCity take over & then the raining of money which inflated the transfer market of every single player who wasn’t even good enough.
It is precisely because ManCity had to buy any player they could get by paying the money asked.
This is how they established themselves & bought their way to trophies.
Same is the case with P.S.G, look at their signings too.
Yet both continuously fail in Champions League.
Money buys you a lot of things but it can not buy you passion, tradition, history, love for the game & especially for the club by their respective players.
You see them playing yet you don’t see that love for the shirt they wear, love for the crest.

P.S.G since takeover have spent $1.17+ billion on players where as ManCity  £1.3+ billion.
The amounts are more than that by now. The footballing world feels the same of what I’m saying except their respective supporters.
La Liga President Javier Tebas praised UEFA for “finally taking decisive action”.
“Enforcing the rules of financial fair play and punishing financial doping is essential for the future of football.”

“For years we have been calling for severe action against Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain, we finally have a good example of action and hope to see more. Better late than never.”

Even though ManCity will appeal, can get it overruled or  minimized, I think it should continue on.