I, myself don’t know the answer to my title, yet. After, witnessing the debacle unfold last night, I don’t know what to actually say, I just know it was the opposite of striking and bouncing back. 
But, considering every aspect, it is still not that bad as a lot of people are making it.
The problem for the red supporters, is actually the way we’ve lost 2 games, it has kicked in the nervousness.
It was a 2-0 defeat to Chelsea & we got knocked out, we actually played a strong team, but the debacle was the way we played.
Winning & losing is part of the game, you win some & you lose some, but losing should be in way where you could feel you actually gave it your all.
I didn’t see that from LFC. It was a mess, a complete and utter mess.
The heads of every LFC player were gone, right out the window.
There’s some serious confidence problem, now.
The game by LFC was more like that how you play on the streets, scuffle & muddy and just trying to get the ball out of the feet in any way possible, where ever it goes.
The discipline, was nowhere.
The pressing was mindless with no planning. The game was played totally into the hands of Chelsea.
You have to credit Lampard & his team, the way they played, they were calm, composed, and accurate- disciplined overall.

And this Chelsea side is not that good compared to recent years, without taking away the credit from them, they keep leaking goals, they drew Bournemouth in the last game, they got thumped by Bayern at Stamford Bridge, and last night they were playing with a youngster in the holding mid, Gilmour with Kovacic.
They even lost their senior players to injury; Kovacic & Willian.

LFC is the team which is built to press, couldn’t even press at all, the pressing was so shocking that Chelsea cut through LFC like a piece of cake, while playing from the back, quickly into Liverpool’s box.

Where as to Chelsea’s press, they pressed intelligently & got their first goal because of winning the ball, even though Adrian made a howler, I’m talking about the pressing.
No team presses like LFC but there you have it, the team built, drilled to press & counter couldn’t do that, and when they pressed, they pressed blindly, leaving it all open.
Is this the Liverpool of the old? I, saw Liverpool of the old, last night. In fact, all of us did, didn’t we?

I mean, it was so easy for Chelsea to get through our lines, like it was watching men vs boys, the spaces given, the napping on the field, no fight or hunger, nothing.

We all know it pretty well, that every team against us, sits deep except Manchester City, and what we do? Especially in the last two games against Watford & Chelsea?
We allow them even more to settle, by passing sideways & backwards, regularly, needlessly.
One pass in the mid and then back to the defender. I mean, this team is known to go forward, continuously, either with fast tempo or slow tempo.
GOING FORWARD was the thing which has made us dangerous.
Teams which sit deep, only get unsettled & out of shape when you play quick and force mistakes out of them by pressuring them.
They don’t come out often but when they do, you need to move forward, but what did we do last night??
Even when Chelsea did come out, instead of passing the ball forward to make combinations, we opted the sideways & backwards passing, completely slowing it down like the game is all done & we have won, doing exactly what Chelsea wanted.

We did the same thing against Watford, too. We have been doing this for a while but ended up grinding results, WHY?
Because we kept the pressure on, we pushed forward and played with our tempo, last night & against Watford, not at all.

The heads were gone, absolutely, Gilmour and Jorginho were dictating the game, Gilmour was everywhere and he isn’t even a regular but a youngster of the academy, he bossed our experienced midfield.
Jorginho & Gilmour were made into Xavi-Iniesta, GEEZ!
30 odd year old Pedro & inconsistent Barkley were made into Ronaldo & Messi.
How much worse could it get?
Let me tell you, we move to Chelsea box, only play and try combinations that don’t need to be made, oversimplifying the situation, only to lose the ball, and just two Chelsea players on counter ran havoc, 2nd goal came from that.
Time after time, it was like some school yard game.
The crossing was horrendous, most of the crosses didn’t even reach the final third, either the ball was won for the counter or cleared away, same was the case with corners.

An utter performance in SHAMBLES.

Everyone was absolutely poor, Minamino looked good and he tried but it was futile because he had nothing to be offered.
Origi, on the other hand, I know he’s a cult hero but seriously, he is always invisible when he starts, never really brings anything to the game, Robertson & Mane need back up, these two are the only players who are rarely and barely rested by Klopp, it takes a serious toll on them & their performances.
Do check it for yourself, especially Mane compared to Salah & Firmino, Salah especially, is rested more often, now & then.
The muscle injury Mane sustained during our trip to Molineux, was because of fatigue.
Even during the start of the season, Mane came in from international duty and he slotted in straight into the game.
He didn’t have an off like every other player, even in different games, Salah & Firmino were rested, he was started & whenever he was rested, he was always brought on.
This is not good, this is precisely why his performance drops. Klopp really should look into this, such heavy dependability take its toll.

Lastly, we are missing Henderson and his absence shows, we do actually need a midfielder, a quality one, who could create & spark life in the midfield.
Milner, Gini can’t cut it, Keita is too injury prone & Ox is a good back-up but he is inconsistent.
Lovren, needs to go, he has to.
We need to bolster the midfield, defense & forward line.
I, also, don’t understand why is it always that LFC suffers from breaks?
No other team comes back from the break only to plummet onto the surface like LFC, always.
What is it with our breaks?
Every time, I mean, our players come back from the break and everything comes tumbling down.
The mentality, the complacency kicks in, the rhythm and momentum all gets blown away. They become too relaxed psychologically or what, I don’t know.
We have played two games with the mentality of ENTITLEMENT, as if we have won everything.

I didn’t see any fight, zest, vigor or urgency to bounce back, at all last night.
The lads, really need to get it together, Klopp really needs to fix this.
It’s not all done & dusted but there is a weakness which needs to be sorted now before it is too late, and I have faith in Klopp to fix it.

Let’s just have faith, and stop being negative with slating- I have been critical of what I saw & felt, not disrespectful, I expect the same from other reds, I know we are angry & hurt not primarily because of the losses but the way we have lost.
The lads need our support and they have all the way, always & knowing Jurgen Klopp, he’d be at it and we all know how he loses it & fixes the problems.
So, just have faith.
Win, lose or draw Liverpool is all we are!
You’ll Never Walk Alone!