Roberto Firmino often dubbed as “Bobby” Firmino by Liverpool supporters signed for Liverpool in the summer of 2015 for a fee of £29m from Hoffenheim.
The versatile attacker was never a center-forward like we see in Kane or Aguero because he was actually a no.10.
Even though Firmino has the ability to play as a 2nd striker or a winger, he primarily has been an attacking midfielder.
Bobby Firmino has been called the “engine” of Liverpool by Jurgen Klopp and the player who ticks it all for Liverpool with a success which is incomparable.

Even when the world had criticism for Firmino, Jurgen Klopp never really paid attention to it because to him he’s World Class every day.
I think, Klopp loves him more than any other player!
We all do, fact.
No one really understood where was Klopp coming from with this but now everyone can see & understand it.

What makes Firmino so special?

If you ask me? Everything about him is special.
You won’t find a player like him today in world football because of what he does.
A player who plays as a no.9 but is more focused on creating chances and goals.

The pressing he does which is the initiation of overall press, the work rate he possesses & the passes he picks out along with the defensive attributes just make him extraordinary.
A selfless player to the core to the point which even frustrates Klopp for him on why didn’t he take the shot or tried for goal?
It’s not like he can’t score, it is just that his focus is the team.
A player who never really has an off game and scores in moments when you need it the most.
Why everyone in world football loves and praises him is there for all of us to see.
And to top it all of the no look goals along with bizarre yet exciting celebrations which make you happy.

Neville not once almost every time followed by Mourinho, Wenger and everyone you could think of; supporters or ex-footballers/analysts/managers are always in awe of him.
A player who could fit into any team except Manchester United. (Sorry not guilty).

Firmino is Liverpool’s Lethal Weapon!

Before Jurgen Klopp took over he was the player he monitored a lot for Dortmund so he understood the player.
He wanted him at Dortmund which he spoke about at Liverpool.
The minute Klopp got his hands over the squad he started to deploy Firmino as a no.9 but not like every other no.9 we see regularly growing up.

Firmino’s abilities utilized to full tilt..

Klopp when he took over already had a really good no.10 in Coutinho, so that position was already filled.
Klopp had to use Firmino somewhere else because he was actually really good with the potential for all to see today.
Firmino is easily the most clever and smartest no.9 you’ll ever see.
A player which epitomizes what Klopp wants in a player and what he demands from his players.

Klopp deployed him as a false no.9 but Firmino made it his own and no team in the world football has a forward like him.
He makes it look so simple and a position he was born to play in.

As mentioned before Firmino was a no.10 so he has that creativity, close control, nimble swift feet and the ability to spray passes and getting into small pockets.
These qualities were precisely and greatly utilized by Klopp and Firmino himself at the no.9 role.
Firmino is not an out and out goal scorer but it doesn’t really matter with what he does for the team.

You either see no.10 or no.9 in their respective positions but Firmino is a mixture of both with midfielder tagged within him. (Aside the two G.O.A.Ts; Messi & Ronaldo)

The work rate he has is immense which makes him drop deep into the midfield to build up the attack or on the wings.
Same is the case when defending, he tracks back, bombs forward like a box to box midfielder.
He doesn’t have the pace like Salah or Mane but his feet do the dribbling and ball control do the trick.
The precision and calmness to pull of a skill successfully in the opponent’s third makes it all the more mesmerizing.

Firmino is un-trackable by opposition..

The success for Liverpool’s system is because of Firmino’s ability to stay out of the radar of the opposition.
Even if the opposition has him in their sights, he still manages to get away.

Firmino, simply can not be tracked by oppositions.
It is easier for us to say it but he makes it easy for us to say it.
I say that because his position is unknown.
Yeah, it’s a fact he is a false 9 and starts in that position.
Also, yeah he drops deep but you really don’t know where you could stop him?
How do you track someone whose position is unknown?
He turns up everywhere and anywhere.
If an opposition man marks him, they will lose a player tracking him which gives more confidence to Mane & Salah.
If they don’t do that then how do you cope with him and his abilities to drive the fluidity of Liverpool?
Firmino is literally everywhere on the field.

Firmino is one of a kind, he runs in behind the defense every now & then, has that embedded no.10 ability to get out of positions in the midfield to create an opening for a pass & getting into small pockets.
His vision is immaculate.
He takes attention onto himself in the field to make spaces for Mane and Salah to either cut in or run behind with less markings.

The greatest asset of his is getting in behind the spaces between the opposition’s midfield and defenses, this is the area where he hurts the opposition because his control, one touch give & go normally is the downfall for many teams.

Firmino is the puppeteer with all of us dancing to his strings, honestly.
Liverpool’s front operates with him orchestrating it.

Roberto “Bobby” Firmino is easily the worlds most smartest forward, may not be a prolific goal scorer like Kane or Aguero but he isn’t below them.
What he does is something no striker ever does, not even Kane or Aguero.
Most goals by a Brazilian in the premier league is by Firmino, so yeah he does score!

Firmino is world class in a position only he plays in perfectly.
Si Senor!