I don’t think, I’ve ever admired a premier league team other than Liverpool like I admire Wolves, there’s literally absolutely something about them that really makes me like them, a lot.
And it’s not easy to explain, maybe it’s the way they are running the club & showing everyone, the smaller clubs & even big clubs (ones in mess) on how to recruit & run a proper footballing institution.
They are literally showing, that it’s not always about huge transfer budgets but more about being intelligent & footballing smart.
Wolves, along with Sheffield, but Wolves are, in there second season & edge them a bit.
But damn, these 2 clubs & their managers are really doing a great job.
Nuno plays Wolves, a beautiful football, arguably the best with a back 3 and a style that only they play with, no one plays like the way they play and the tactics they use.
Every player in their lineup is well-recruited, well-drilled & fits the system, adequately.
A small squad but quality because the philosophy & system is driven into them by their manager Nuno Santo. Each player knows what to do, exceptionally well.
Defensively solid & overall cohesive, the teamwork & transitions from either build to quick counters just shows their control in their game-style.

Wolves hunted Spurs at their own stomping ground..

The recent victims of the Wolves pack was none other than, Spurs of Jose Mourinho, that too at their own home.
What a cracking match, between two teams who came out to play with a 3-4-3 formation, fluid, of-course but Wolves play with the back 3 like they were born to play with that system.
Wolves, Spurs & Sheffield are in hunt for the top 4 spot, occupied by Chelsea.
United are in the mix but a draw against Everton halted their progress to 42 points.
An ideal result for Wolves & Spurs, both needing a win, battled it out.
Spurs, came out banging and took the lead twice in the first half, going into HT with a 2-1 lead but you cannot undermine or underestimate this Wolves side because they are too good.
What happened next was Wolves stalking & preparing for their hunt, which they did by scoring twice to win it at Spurs.

Spurs had more possession & more passes but had one less shot than Wolves (13 to theirs 14). For Wolves, possession isn’t the key but their deadly transitions are, and their ability to mix it up on the wings and brilliant crossing.
They stretch teams, far out wide, wing rotation, too comes into play & it becomes really difficult to cope with them.
This is exactly & precisely why they are so dangerous.
They mix it up, they’re potent in attacks, centrally too.
Wolves, defend compact, resolute & they do it brilliantly. I think, the only reason why they sit outside the top 4, is because of their small squad, if they had depth, they would be in the place of Chelsea or Leicester, and I truly believe that. They are that good.

They’re in their first ever European campaign in Europa league & they have qualified for the round of 16.
A small squad, fighting for, not only for top 4 place but also in Europe.
Europa League, is also the reason for their slip ups in the league, because of conserving energy & rotation of the already small squad.
Credit to Nuno for the way he has been handling it all.

Wolves, deserve respect & definitely needs to spend good in the summer, because they have the right philosophy, system & ideology.
We are looking at a top 4 team, if given the funds & recruit more quality players.
For the time being, they sit 6th tied on points with Manchester United on 42.
Chelsea is on 45 with some really tough fixtures coming on, and the race is on for Champions League!!