Let me start by saying, “WOW”, what a performance last night by the reds and this man, Fabinho, especially. An extraordinary performance blowing away Crystal Palace like they didn’t even exist. The sheer dominance and control was mind boggling, it felt as if Klopp’s men wanted to take out their frustration of lock-down & that draw against Everton, in this game- they actually did.
This is the first time, since 2008, a team failed to have a touch in opponent’s box last night- that is how the fate of Crystal Palace was sealed at Anfield by Klopp’s men. The person who was responsible for dictating the game, the flow, the tempo, and the complete orchestration of the part heavy part poetic football was Fabinho!

An absolute masterclass by this man, a player who has become the pivotal point in Klopp’s indomitable Liverpool, the best DM there is in the world right now who is not only intelligent footballer but also a very poetic passer of the ball.
Fabinho, last night, celebrated his 41st victory in what was his 50th Premier League appearance.

☑️ Absolute screamer from 30+ yards
☑️ Outstanding assist for Mo Salah
☑️ 98% passing accuracy (91/93)
☑️ 9.4/10 rating

What more can you expect from a defensive midfielder, that assist and oh this belter…

It’s been years & years since Liverpool had a proper defensive midfielder after Mascherano. We always suffered for not having an anchoring midfielder because we never solved the problem and always used make shift midfielders to take that position. Finally Klopp got the specialist he needed in Fabinho, who took his time to settle in and the way he settled in was all due to Klopp’s man management of slowly integrating him into his system and getting him trained and ready with extra exercises and drills- now he’s the best there is in the world.

We saw City having Fernandinho and for years the way he anchored City’s midfield and proved so vital for City’s success in the league was unquestionable- even today the reliance Pep and his men have on Fernandinho is huge, what a player he is but now since he’s approaching that age of his last years, it feels as if he has passed on his torch to Fabinho in the premier league, from one Brazilian to another.

Last night against Palace, Fabinho showed that his presence in the midfield is his alone- everywhere commanding and bossing it out with cute passes, nimble footwork, solid ball tackles and the ability to not only provide cute dink balls in the box for the attackers but also switching the play. He provides the license for his fellow midfielders to bomb forward without hesitation and worries, the way he reads the game makes it easy for him to stop counters and place-in solid tackles to stop opposition players in their tracks. He doesn’t have much pace in him but he’s smart and compose.
The real asset for Fabinho is his presence of mind, understanding and communication with back-line and fellow midfielders which makes it easier for him to orchestrate Liverpool’s flow.

With this outstanding win, we wait to face Manchester City at Etihad, and I think the time is right, especially when the lads are back with a bang and just whiskers away from the title!